TTC: Positive OPK test…EEEK!

So freaking excited. I have been having some messed up cycles; June 24th was a two week late and prior to that they had been pretty consistent. Now here I am waiting almost 2 months late for my period to get here and still nothing. I decide to randomly take an OPK test this morning and it was positive!
I had taken them in May for about 2 weeks when I thought I was ovulating and never got a positive. I thought maybe I did them wrong so I stopped taking them about 5 days before I thought my period was coming. That was of course the month and I was 2 weeks late. So I didn’t bother using them the next month and good thing because I didn’t even ovulate till now!
So, now here I am wondering what I can do to help things along. How can I make this work. How can I make sure my egg and his guys meet up…Yeah, I am thinking I have no control but really wishing I did!

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