Tick Tock…

I feel like this whole 2 week wait situation is going to feel like forever.  It is what…day one? Yeah so basically I need to wait at least 10 days just to test but I should probably wait the full two weeks…yeah right!

On a not TTC note, today was the first day of classes. So far my classes seem like cake. First class is Psych. of Human Development and my professor focuses on babies and young children, score! The second class is Psych. of Reading with Keating who I have had 2 other times and lets just say this class can be passed by a middle schooler. He basically just gives us questions and we have to give our opinion on it. Third class is the lab to Psych. of Human Development and we get 200 points just for showing up, participating and completing some online thing. The class total is 500 points. Yeah, like I said a. piece. of. cake!

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