Jack Johnson was…

AMAZING!!! I can not even express how amazing it was.
We drove to Tampa Wednesday and got there around 5 or so, had dinner with Mags and then went and got ready in our hotel and met up with Maggie’s friend.  Then we headed to see THE JACK JOHNSON. That is what I kept calling him.
After about a crazy amount of time making U-turns trying to avoid the insane traffic, $20 VIP parking, $25 on two beers, $20 to upgrade seats due to wet grass and butts we were ready to see Jack freaking Johnson.  I literally almost peed my pants I was so excited when he came out.  I had so much fun just dancing and singing along to the most amazing singer in the world.
He also sang Angel! For those who don’t know, that is the song I walked down the aisle to at our wedding.  The last song he sang was Better Together and Maggie and I always joke that is our song. They did an amazing job because he had all the special guests come out and sing it with him and it was perfect.
That was one of the best experiences of my life, top 10 for sure!
Now onto the TTC front.  I am guessing I am about 5 DPO since I got the +OPK on Sunday. So when do I start to test? I hear that implantation doesn’t even happen until 7DPO but I am already having some “symptoms” which most who are TTC know isn’t abnormal since your body has these symptoms before AF as well. My boobs are basically the main thing bothering me. That was what bothered me a lot when I got pregnant and had the miscarriage so now I am always focusing on that symptom since it was really strong. I never really felt sick, which I think is because I never got past 8 weeks.
I want to test like now but I know I will just get a BFN. The thing that sucks is if I do get AF or a for sure BFN then I am on to the next month and if this next cycle is more then 2 months long too, I am going to go nuts!

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