Better Luck, Next time?

Well AF reared her ugly head right on time.  I hate to say it I am not complaining. After a year of TTC I feel like I am giving up for a few months.

Branden and I want to get Disney seasonal passes which means they are for a year and you can go anytime there isn’t blackout dates. The blackout dates are basically winter break for kids in school, a week or two in April and the summer.  This is fine with us since as a Floridian you know better then to go to Disney in the summer or when kids have off of school.  So the point is if we bought these tickets and I got pregnant I probably wouldn’t be able to go on a lot of rides that I would want to and then we’d have a baby so would we want to really go after that with a baby?

No, these tickets aren’t the only deciding factor of waiting a few more months to TTC. The other thing is I am tired of being so cautious because I could be pregnant. I am getting really sick of it. I am also sick of the F’d up cycles I am having. I also need to focus on school since I will be done in May. All of these things are just pointing to waiting at least till November/ December to start TTC again. I think it will be hard because every time I hear about someone having a baby or getting pregnant I am like a nut and want one but I think we need to do things we need to get done first before TTC. This year has been a pain when it comes to TTC and I think we need to stop worrying about it.  I also really want to save some more money since our cruise took some of our savings from us since we missed a week of work and splurged a little there.

I still plan on keeping up with my blog. I am wondering if I should change to title though. Then again watch me change my mind next month lol. Oh well.

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