Night out

Last night was our friend Jamie’s birthday and was having a little party at the Hard Rock Hotel. We got there around 9PM and hung out in the suites he got for his birthday and had a few drinks then after sitting there for over an hour and a half my brother, his wife and Bran all decided to go down to the bars and hang out since Bran and I had to leave around 11:30 because Bran had to work this morning. We went to Murphy’s Law and got a beer and did a little dancing and some random dude stared dancing up on me when I was walking towards Branden. Awkward!

Then after awhile we headed out and of course I was buzzed because I NEVER drink. It’s a joke with everyone that they better watch out because if I am drinking I am probably going to get sick or drunk really easily. Luckily I only got drunk easily and Bran and I decided we had to stop at McDonalds. Bad Decision! We got home and we ate our greasy food while watching Jersey Shore. To me that seems like the two are one in the same but anywho Jersey Shore was awesome because Angelina left! She got on my last nerve.

Then we headed to bed, uhg yeah. I literally couldn’t sleep! I don’t know what my deal is lately. I am so sick of this. I am having weird anxiety about what, I have no idea. That is the problem. Why am I getting random anxiety that is keeping me awake at night? I think I need to start running to help wear me out during the day. Now that the weather is nicer I think I am going to try to do running and yoga. We shall see how I do with that! I need some kind of motivation.

Overall it was nice to get out last night but not being able to go to bed till 7AM, yes 7AM, sucked! I slept till noon which will not help with going to bed tonight. Oye!

Here are a few pics from last night.

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