Disney Dorks

Cinderella’s Castle
Yeah, we are those dorks
On the boat to Magic Kingdom
So I am pretty sure Bran and I are official Disney Dorks. Last week we went to Disney and met up with Bran’s cousin and her husband and had an awesome time. The best part is I over came my fear of riding Tower of Terror. I had never been on it even though I had been to Disney a gazillion times. Bran’s cousin Brittany was saying how awesome it was and how I had to ride it so we got fast passes because I knew if I waited in a long line I would never get on it and so we got fast passes and I really was trying to avoid using them but finally we got on and of course the elevator we were supposed to go on stopped working or something and so we had to wait and be moved to another one. I was freaking out the whole time. I did it though!

Captain EO is back! 

Damn Sword in the Stone! 

Me: 3,000 Bran:44,900, he obviously cheater

We also went to one of my favorite places,  CELEBRATION! I love that little town. They were having an Oktoberfest going on and it was really cute and fun. They had a German band and lots of little stations with food and treats. My friend Andreina came up for the night so we got a pretzel covered with caramel, pecans and drizzled with chocolate! It was delicious. Then there was a house that was made to look like a ship. It was insane. Overall the trip was so awesome, the only thing we missed out on is the nighttime fireworks because the night we were going to do it we were exhausted and ended up leaving early and going home and passing out. Thankfully we have seasonal passes and are going back!

Me and Andreina 
This is someone’s front yard

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