Simon is ours!

Well not officially. We need to take him to the vet next Saturday at 9AM to be checked out and sign the papers and pay the adoption fee and then we are his official parents.

We went today to Naples to pick him up. It took about an hour and a half and we got there and they already had a little costume on him. It was a skeleton hoodie. So cute!

His foster parents were really sad to let him go. They became really attached to him. He is super cuddly and sweet. The dogs all got along and he looks so much like Tanner. He did have 2 accidents in the house but I think he will be ok.

We went to dinner with my cousin Mike, his wife and their son. It was nice. We need to do it more often. Teresa is like well I guess I will accept a dog baby since you have yet to give me a baby to babysit. She is going to be so excited when we finally get pregnant. She has been itching for another baby in our family.

Tomorrow we are going to their son, Brian’s, show at their church. He has his own band and they are really good. I think it will be fun and then we are going to go to a scary movie. Probably Paranormal Activity 2.

I need to go study, test Monday!

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