Weekend update!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend because we did!

First meeting his new brothers

On Saturday we got our new dog Simon. He is awesome. So well behaved and gets along great with our dogs, especially Tanner. They are best friends.

Simon and Tanner best friends

The on Saturday night we went to dinner with my cousin Mike, his wife Teresa and their son Brian. It was great seeing them. We don’t hang out with them enough. We were invited to see Brian’s band play on Halloween so I was really excited to go to that. He has an awesome band. Parts of it are a little intense because they do that scary screaming at some points but when they sing its awesome. They are a Christian band too.

Tyson and Me

On Halloween we got ready and dressed the dogs up. Tanner was a convict, Simon was a skeleton and Tyson was a spider. I was Carrie Bradshaw and Bran was a Mob/Gangster guy.

Our little family

Then we went to my cousin’s church and had a great time.

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