Happy Monday!

It’s Monday again. The weekend went by to fast. I ended up being sick with tonsilitis most of it too.

Friday Branden and I went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, so good!

Saturday was my cousin’s baby shower, which was fun but also really hard. Everyone asked me when we would be having a baby. If they only knew how hard we are trying! My cousin’s baby’s name is going to be Colton. I love that name! My sister and I spent Friday night making a diaper cake. It turned out pretty good and my cousin loved it. I was really proud of us. We also went to Target before that and I realized we probably shouldn’t be allowed in stores together because we turn into little kids. We hit all the buttons on toys that make noise, dress up in weird things. It was a lot of fun though.
Then on Sunday I went to the Minute Clinic again and I have tonsilitis. So now I am going to the ENT doctor on Thursday after my OBGYN appt.

On a way to awesome note…WE PAID OFF BRAN”S CAR!

Ash and me with Colton’s presents

We kick butt at baby shower games


My Mom’s side of the family

Ginger Bread Martini 

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