Blood Work Tomorrow

Ok so technically I get blood work today but it just turned midnight 19 minutes ago.

I am debating if I just want to pick up the referral and get the blood work tomorrow or do it Thursday and next Monday. I will have to ask how fast they will get the first results in. Now that I think about it I will go tomorrow.

I am nervous. I am praying that this baby is going to be okay. I swear the scars miscarriage leaves is incredible. No one can understand it unless you have experienced it. I try to say how I get a little worried to friends who either don’t have children or who haven’t gone through it and they just say it will be okay. Really? It will be okay? Had I said last time I was concerned and you said it would be okay, would that really have made sense looking back? No! I hate when you are sad or worried and you vent and people Roadblock you and basically talk you out of your feelings.

That is a huge lesson I have learned through my Psych degree and also through my miscarriage loss. I will never tell someone it’s okay when I know they feel it’s not or it may not be okay. It is scary and all these people want to do is get that feeling out of their head and vent and just want someone to listen.

That is my tip for the day…JUST LISTEN, Don’t Roadblock!

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