Been avoiding this…

I think I have been avoiding my blog because of the ER visit. I am just afraid to really get into this pregnancy and something else go wrong and lose it. I am trying to stay positive and felt pretty sick today and I know that is a good sign so I am trying to stay positive but I also don’t feel like posting much.

I have an appointment next Friday with my doctor so I am looking forward to that. I think Branden has off and will get to go with me. I also have the 12 week NT ultrasound on the 20th. My old neighbor is doing it and I had asked if it was possible to tell the gender that early and she said it just depends on the position. I don’t care what we have but I almost just want to see if my feelings are right. I think it is so strange that I feel like this baby is a boy and have had no real feelings that I am having a girl.  I always wanted a daughter so badly first. I would joke about not wanting a boy but after having the miscarriage and trying for over a year I can not even imagine being disappointed by either gender. I get so annoyed now when I see people saying they don’t want a certain gender. I think I just feel like if you lost your baby tomorrow would you not be as upset if it was the other gender? Probably not. You would be just as upset and just as distraught over losing that baby.

Not to much else is going on. Tomorrow I am having lunch with one of my best friends which will be nice since I haven’t seen her much lately. I think Branden and I are also going to go to a movie and then NYE is the next night! We aren’t doing anything major this year so we are probably just going to The Cheesecake Factory with my sister, brother and sister-in-law and maybe their kids then not sure what else. My sister also rented Easy A so we are probably going to watch that again. Woot! Woot!
Alright BED TIME!

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