Feeling more normal!

So the weather has finally started to get warm again. Today it was about 75 degrees, which in my opinion, is perfect! I went to Target and got a strapless dress. I had bought one last year in November and hadn’t had a chance to wear it since it had been cold but I wore it today and it was the perfect thing to wear. Since my jeans are getting tight it is nice to wear a dress. I went ahead and got another one in another color and I might buy one more but this one in black. The ones I have now are purple and turquoise. It will be nice to wear for spring.
We are going to the Keys on Friday for the night. I love going to our house there. It will be nice to get away but now that I am thinking about it traffic might suck since it is a long weekend and we won’t be leaving till after I get home from class. I guess we will see what time we actually leave. Either way spending Saturday there will be nice. My friend Lisa is also coming down with her dog so we will probably get together on Sunday and go to the dog park with all the dogs.
Tonight my family is going out to eat for my sister in law’s birthday. That should be nice. My sister is really sick so she isn’t going. Poor thing! We all got sick this week but she seems to have gotten the worst of it.
Not to much else has been going on. Tuesday morning in my doctor appointment! I am very excited about it. I am a little nervous too since it is a different doctor then I usually see. Hope he is nice!

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