12 week’s and ultrasound!

12 weeks 4 days!

We had our 12 week NT scan on Thursday morning. It was amazing. The baby was jumping like it was on a trampoline. At first the baby was just lying there and it scared me but then it was moving around and jumping and flipping. It looked like it was having the best time. The baby also measured about 4 days ahead and so the ultrasound showed the baby was due around July 31st but they won’t change my due date since it is less then 5 days ahead. I think if the baby is still measuring ahead at the next one I will change my ticker at least. I wonder if the baby will be born on our anniversary! We also announced the pregnancy on facebook and got so many nice comments. There are so many great people we know.
We got back in a few weeks to find out the baby’s gender. It was hard to see on this ultrasound. She said she thought she didn’t see something then she thought she did but couldn’t be sure. Not sure if that something meant a boy or if she just meant she might be able to tell. Either way we are doing the gender party so I will tell her to not tell us and write it down and we will give it to Ash and she will have the baker make a cake with pink or blue in the middle!

How far along? 12 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: -2lbs
Maternity clothes? Wearing my normal clothes still
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: It’s been better.
Best moment this week: The 12 week ultrasound, the baby is a jumping bug!
Movement: only saw it on the ultrasound but can’t feel it.
Food cravings: Mac and Cheese.
Gender: Thinking Boy but we are just excited to find out either way we don’t care what we have.
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button in or out? Innie
What I miss: Hot tubs!
What I am looking forward to: the gender ultrasound
Weekly Wisdom: Have your husband pamper you
Milestones: watching the baby jump around on the ultrasound. Making to the end of the first trimester!

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