Baby, Baby!

I can’t believe tomorrow I will be 18 weeks along. I am so excited to meet Ace. Ever since finding out we are having a boy it has seemed more real that we are going to have a baby. I think because I haven’t had insane pregnancy symptoms and haven’t really felt the baby move (which is slightly worrying me) this was the first thing to really say, we are have a baby and his name is Adonis or Ace for short. Branden is so excited and I just can’t help but think of all the cute things he will do with him. He is such a good man, he is hard working, comes home and will clean if I am feeling to crappy to do anything, make dinner, yard work, all these things and doesn’t complain. He is awesome. I got very lucky in the husband department. When I hear about women who have these husbands that just don’t respect them or they can’t talk to I really count my blessings. I hope we never turn into one of those couples that hates each other or loses what we had because we have children and so much going on. That is probably one of my biggest fears. I hate when that happens to people.
Oh another note, now that we have announced we are having a baby boy, I can finally post his bedding set I bought when I had a dream he was a boy lol. I know terrible! You aren’t supposed to buy things gender specific till you know but honestly, I just knew with him. I never felt once that this baby was definitely a girl, I always thought this baby is a boy. So here is it! The picture makes it hard to see but it is little alligators on the blue. I wanted something not so baby-ish, since I don’t like really baby looking bedrooms, I want stuff he can grow into. This is from Target’s Banafish collection and the style is Nantucket.

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