Today I spent the afternoon with my sister. We first went to lunch and met up with my cousin, her husband and their precious baby boy, Colton. He will be Ace’s future BFF!

Then we went to Old Navy since the one here sells maternity clothes. The maternity section was tiny, to say the least, but I got a few cute things. I got a blue and white striped shirt, very sailorish, an awesome pair of jeans and two tank tops. I also got Ace a cute hat. I love it. It reminded my sister and me of our Dad. It’s a straw Fedora but my Dad always wears straw hats in the Keys, so I thought it was perfect.

Now I am home in bed lounging around till Bran gets here to take me to dinner for an early birthday dinner! He has to work at night on my birthday and I work day so I won’t really see him, such a bummer. My sister and best friend are taking me out for a girls night, so I can’t complain to much. It will be nice to have a fun date night with my husband!

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