Way to busy!

26 weeks

I am such a terrible blogger lately! I swear I have a good excuse. I have had finals and tests, works and house guest.
Branden’s cousin Sarah and her husband Todd came and stayed with us from Tuesday to this Sunday. It was great seeing them. Sarah is Branden’s closest in age cousin and we all just get a long really well. They got here Tuesday so we went to lunch at Le Tub’s which is a cute little restaurant on the intercoastal. Then we stopped by the beach and stuck our feet in the water. Then we headed home and they napped and we went to Kmart and got a cheap little dresser for Adonis’ room. We actually saw a guy who worked there named Adonis! I was so excited!

27 weeks at the beach! 

Then Wednesday, I worked all day and night. I was worn out. Thursday I took Todd and Sarah down to the beach and then worked for about 4 hours and then came home and we all hung out and bar-b-q and then went for menchies after.
Friday, after I had to take a make up exam, we went to Nami’s for dinner and then to Hard Rock. So fun! I miss having fun nights out.

27 weeks at Hard Rock

Sunday night I had a final, so glad that class is over with! I have two more left. One on Tuesday morning and another on Wednesday morning. Then Thursday is my last day work for the one family I have been working for since last summer. They are moving which I am sad about but at this point in my pregnancy, the days are just to long for me. I will start watching the kids I have watched for the longest time again on Tuesday and Thursdays, which I am excited about. I watch the two younger ones on Thursday and it was great seeing them. They also gave me a ton of baby clothes since their son turned one in September.
I have to take my glucose test soon! I was going to go today but ended up running errands with Branden and then we started working on the baby’s room! I will post pics soon, we still need to paint and get curtains.
I think I will go Friday to take it. Its so annoying because I have to do a walk in to the lab place because they never have openings and you can just walk in. I hope it doesn’t suck to much.

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