Busy and Sleepy!

Wow, I am so unbelievably tired! I had to babysit early today. At 8am. I haven’t had to do that for a couple weeks so I got used to sleep till about 9 but today I had to get up at 7:10. Last night I had a hard time sleeping and this getting up to pee 4 times a night is killing me. The baby I watch is sleeping so I should probably nap too but I don’t feel like it.

This week is going to be pretty busy. Today I babysit till 5:30pm. Tomorrow I have a doctor apt. at 2pm then babysit at 7:30pm till about 10:30pm. I am hoping in between my apt. and babysitting my Mom, sister and I can get our nails done. We wanted to take our Mom to get them done for Mother’s day and I want mine done for the shower. Then Thursday I have to babysit at 3pm till 5:30 then possibly at 7:30 to 10:30. Then Friday we are getting ready for the shower! I have a friend stopping by since she can’t make the shower and I will see her boys, who I haven’t seen in years. I used to babysit them. Then my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and niece are all coming into town!! I can not wait to see them. Especially our niece Bella. She is so cute. Then at 7:30pm we have our 3D ultrasound!!!! I can not wait for that. I want to see Adonis’ precious little face and see if he really does have his Daddy’s lips. Last ultrasound it looked like he had big lips. That is the main thing I want my kids to have lol. I always wanted bigger lips and my husband has almost like Angelina Jolie lips, I swear! He is so handsome.

Then of course my SHOWER is Saturday!!! I am so excited for that, not just because we get baby items but because my best girlfriends will be in town. I just love my girls. I also get to see their kids who I am very close with. My one friend Katie, has an 11 year old son. When he was a baby I would go over to her house literally everyday after school and spend the day with her then when I was out of school I worked till noon and would go over there and spend all day with her and him. We were inseperable and for the longest time he thought I was his other Mom lol. His Mom actually is a lesbian so she is married to a woman, Tracy, who is his other Mom (they got together when he was about 3) and sometimes he tells people his Aunt Brenna who is also his 3rd Mom is having a baby lol. He also loves Branden, which I love, because Sydney is so special to me. I mean I really was a huge part of his life and we just have always had a special bond.
I also can not wait to see my friend Kat, who has two daughters. I mentioned them here before, Ashleen and Brielle. They are the most precious things ever. I was there when Ashleen was born and it was incredible.

So busy and yet it doesn’t feel like it’s coming up to fast or to slow, which is good I guess. I also need to get my hair done because I have grey roots! Yikes! I haven’t wanted to dye my hair like I normally would so I was holding out as long as possible and my Mom is a hair dresser so she does it and we can sit where there is a lot of circulation instead of a salon with a bunch of other chemicals.

I am sure I will be updating more throughout the week!

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