Weekend update: Baby Shower!

Branny and me!

This past weekend was great and a bit overwhelming. On Friday Branden’s Mom, sister and niece all came down. Then we went to my parents, had pizza and headed to the 3D ultrasound place. I can not believe how cool it was. Unfortunately Ace had his face squished to the side but we still got some good shots. I would have loved to have a full on face one but we got close. I think he has my nose but that was the only feature I could see that may have been his or mine.

Pack n’ play from my cousins!

Then on Saturday was our baby shower! I was awesome. We had a co-ed one so it was super crazy. We were going to do a few typical baby shower games like unscramble works and make as many words out of the baby’s name as possible and the belly measure but instead just did the baby measuring one and then a baby beer bottle chugging contest. The best part about it was a girl won the beer chugging one and two guys one the belly measuring game. I was cracking up. I thought it was so funny that it was the opposite of what we thought.

My Coach diaper bag from the amazing Anna!

We got lots of amazing gifts and my friend Anna, who lives in NYC got me a Coach diaper bag! I couldn’t believe it. She is so generous and awesome. I feel very lucky to have such great friends and family. We got a lot of our big items which was great. We got our pack n’ play, jumparoo and play yard. We also got lots of clothes and all our bottles. This baby boy has more things then anyone I know. I swear!

Ace bag from Grandma Renee!

Some of my fabulous friends

Beachy cupcakes

Beach Baby!

Candy Bar

Lots of gifts! Ace is very loved.
Margarita machine for the non-preggers

Sisters and best friends!

My bestie, Kat, and my girls Ashleen and Brielle 
Me, my brother and sister

In the backyard

Our roommate Daniel and us, we love him! 

My family

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