Pregnancy Pains

I have been extremely fortunate through out my pregnancy. There as been a few bumps in the road but nothing to horrible. I didn’t have insanely bad morning sickness, I haven’t gained an insane amount of weight or gotten stretch marks yet. My boobs haven’t exploded to enormous sizes, which is good since mine are fake and I was worried about this. My hips and butt haven’t changed either.

On the other hand the end has definitely gotten really frustrating for me. I have had horrible anxiety. My boobs have been burning like crazy. My baby is laying transverse (horizontally not breech) and so he likes to shove his back or butt up my ribs and make it really hard for me to breathe. I also have to pee constantly. I think this is the most annoying thing of all. I have always been a champ when it comes to not having to pee constantly. Now I go all the time and in the middle of the night I go at least 4 times. Last night was the worst. I couldn’t breath when I laid down and then I kept having to get up to pee then try to get comfortable without trying to take deep breathes just to breathe and then I would roll and have to pee again. So frustrating!

I had to vent a bit because last night was just insane. I will say it will be worth it when I see that little face but I do not understand how people do this more then once. Maybe it is true what they say, you forget all the aches and pains?

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