Good and Bad

Today we got up SO early (7:30AM) my husband was up waiting for me to get home so we ended up going to pick up some baby supplies. We mostly got breast feeding supplies like bags for pumping, nipple cream and pads. Then I got a cute Mickey onsies since we plan to go to Disney a few times in the fall and winter. We also picked up a bookshelf for his room and a few other random things.

Then when we got home I decided to wash and sterilize all the stage 1 bottles and Branden put together the bookshelf. I think Branden has more of a nesting instinct then me at this point. He gets so excited over anything to do with getting the baby’s room ready. He is so awesome. I can’t imagine how anyone does this alone. I would seriously be lost without him helping me get so much done.

One part of his room


34 week belly I forgot to post.

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