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Ace’s Birth Story

By on July 21, 2011
Adonis, July 16, 2011- 6lbs 4ozs, 19inches

Our precious baby boy is here and he made quite the entrance!

On July 14th, I went to the doctors for my weekly check up and I was still at 2cm and the doctor said she didn’t think this baby was coming anytime soon. I had lost my mucus plug but that can happen and you still don’t go into labor for awhile, much like being dialated for a bit. Then on the 15th I babysat and knew it was a full moon and made a joke with Branden that it was a full moon maybe the baby will come. At about 2:30 am I woke up to a weird punch feeling and then a gush of water. I kind of got up on my knees and another gush came out and I told Branden to get me a towel because I thought my water broke. He was so out of it and confused. I got in the bath and felt crampy and I definitely could tell my water broke since I got up and was still leaking. I called the doctors and waited about an hour before my contractions got painful and went to the hospital, they rushed me to Labor and Delivery since I was having such strong contractions and when the girl tested to see if my water broke it was negative but said I was having abruption contractions since they were so strong and coming every minute. I was seriously hysterical at this point from the pain. It felt like someone was trying to grind my pelvis apart or something. They checked me when I got there and I was at 2cm and within an hour I was at 4cm. I freaked out and said I want the epidural because my Mom had super fast labors and I did not want to give birth without the epidural. They had given me something at first before I asked for the epidural to take the edge off and so that helped with the pain in between the contractions so I could calm down. Then they finally came in with the epidural and that was the best thing ever! I didn’t feel anything after that and was able to sleep from 5 to 9, it was somewhat light sleep but it was sleep. My sister and parents got there around 9 and I was checked and I guess the epidural had slowed my labor and I was still at 4 to 5cm and so they gave me pitocin, I wasn’t a fan of getting this but at that point my water had broken and I wasn’t progressing so I figured with the epidural I would be fine. Once they gave me the pitocin my epidural ran out! Within the hour I went from 5 to 10 and had no time to get “topped off” with the epidural and I freaked out. I said to my sister I didn’t want to feel the ring of fire haha! 
on our way home

I pushed for over an hour and it was so painful since it wasn’t just pressure but I felt the pain and I was scared too so I had a hard time getting him out. Our lamaze class wasn’t till the next week so I had no clue what to do. I will tell you, laboring laying down is horrible when you can feel the pain. The ring of fire was not as bad as the pressure  in my opinion. 

When Adonis finally came out he was really white and I could barely see him because I was laying down and couldn’t sit up and they rushed him away to the side and I had to deliver the placenta, I seriously was miserable. I was wondering why this pain had not gone away and even after it was out I guess the doctor has to check in your to make sure there is nothing left or something, I don’t even know but it was awful. My legs were shaking. The best part though is I didn’t tear!
Now on to the scary part, that I didn’t even know about till after. When they took Adonis to the side I just assumed he would cry or he was ok. There was a total of 14 nurses around him, I didn’t even realize this and they were trying to get him to breath, my Dad was in the hall and they had called a Code Blue on him and everyone had rushed in and even the security came up. My Dad said he asked why they come up and I guess they said if the baby dies they do it to protect anyone from the family members in case they get angry and try to hurt the nurses or doctor. He finally cried and my sister, Branden and Mom are all crying and I was laughing and tearing up but they all were almost hysterical and I just didn’t have a clue he wasn’t breathing for so long. I guess because I was in pain from the doctor digging around in me and I know when my friend Kat had her baby they took her to the side and she was fine, I figured he was too. You never think your baby is not ok and no one gave me any idea he wasn’t breathing but after seeing the pictures of him, I am so glad I didn’t know. He looked dead. Branden was taking a video after they brought him to the side and the doctor said “No, you can’t tape that!” Which I thought was weird but just figured you can’t tape anything till the baby is cleaned off and weighed, no clue. 
He is doing good though. He is tiny since he was 3 weeks early. He weighed 6lbs 4ozs and 19inches long.
glow worm

His Billirubin levels are high and we got sent home with a billi blanket and his numbers kept going up but finally went down today after getting a 2nd billiblanket. We are so glad! He has one more day of the two light therapy, tomorrow goes down to one and Saturday is off and then Sunday gets checked again. I hope it is super low Sunday and we don’t have to worry about it anymore. 

I am also breastfeeding and can not get over how lucky I have gotten! My nipples haven’t hurt at all and my milk is coming in but I haven’t really had any pain. I do have to give him about an ounce of formula after his regular feedings because of his jaundice levels but we should be stopping that on Sunday as well. He also had lost 12 ounces after birth which was high but thankfully gained 4 from yesterday to today!

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Must Haves | Review


By on July 14, 2011

Check out the cutest little hats a friend of mine made. She has the cutest ones I have seen, she was able to make a Michigan Wolverines one special for us. I may have to go back and order the owl one since that is probably my favorite from her store now. Her store is called Hookaholic on Etsy.

I highly suggest you check out her shop and get your baby some adorable little hats! 
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Belly Picture | Pregnancy | Third Trimster


By on
I have been such a slacker! I need to update more. Nothing major has been going on except I think maybe my mucus plug is coming out. I am going to the doctor today so we will see if there is any progress. Cross your fingers this little boy is coming soon!
36 weeks

4th of July! 
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L&D scare!

By on July 9, 2011

Yesterday was my BF’s birthday so I went to the mall to get her a cute little dress from Forever21 since she is going on a cruise and decided to check out their maternity section. It was tiny but I got a pair of skinny jeans which are still of course too big in the legs and butt but I am hoping when I wash them they will shrink. I also got a cute top that wasn’t in maternity but it was fun and says “Happy” with a face on it.

Then I went and got some Chik-Fil-A, for lunch. So good! Then I hung around till Branden got home around 3:30 and then we went to Target. I wanted to get a dress for dinner with my BF and her boyfriend. As we are walking around I am feeling pretty strong contractions. I had just had a doctor appointment Thursday and my doctor did say I was having strong ones which was good but they weren’t consistent so I figured same deal just a little more painful maybe since we were walking around and baby was pushing down. As we were leaving I definitely felt like they were worse so we went home and I sat down and timed them and they were coming regularly so I called and left a message to have a doctor call me. Some of my mommy friends said go ahead and head out to dinner and if the get worse leave since I was still waiting on the doctor to call and had to get going. We are driving there and my back starts hurting too so I am getting somewhat concerned. Right when we get to the restaurant the doctor calls and tells me to head to labor and delivery to get checked. I felt so bad and tell my BF and she calls me and tells me to let her know when I know anything. I go and am monitored for about an hour and half and after about a half hour into it the woman gives me a huge thing of water and tells me to drink that and see if it helps, well sure enough my contractions peter off and she thinks I was a bit dehydrated. It was funny because right before I am about to go my contractions start up again but she said baby looks great, I am only 1cm dialated and to try not to worry till the contractions are very strong to where I am doubled over in pain, which I was right before getting there but I think it was also because I was trying to rush around getting stuff ready in case we had a baby (the doctor told us it was possible). 
Overall I learned my lesson, more water! I just had some cramps and had Branden bring me some and just chugged it down and they went away. Now I am waiting on my BF to get here so we can have lunch at our favorite place Beverly Hills Cafe! I feel bad I missed her dinner but glad we get to have lunch just me and her. To bad Ace didn’t come on her birthday, that would have been one hell of a birthday present! Now he just has to stay in till after her cruise gets back or she may never forgive me lol. 
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Amber Alert for Michigan!

By on July 1, 2011

Please if anyone can help and repost, say a prayer or do whatever you can please do so. This is a friend of mine’s friend. Her daughter was kidnapped by her own father and abandoned somewhere. He is in custody but refuses to give the whereabouts of this precious little girl. She is only 4 months old. Please pray her family brings her home safe and sound!!! Here is a link to her Amber Alert page on facebook as well! Katherine Phillips/ Amber Alert

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