L&D scare!

Yesterday was my BF’s birthday so I went to the mall to get her a cute little dress from Forever21 since she is going on a cruise and decided to check out their maternity section. It was tiny but I got a pair of skinny jeans which are still of course too big in the legs and butt but I am hoping when I wash them they will shrink. I also got a cute top that wasn’t in maternity but it was fun and says “Happy” with a face on it.

Then I went and got some Chik-Fil-A, for lunch. So good! Then I hung around till Branden got home around 3:30 and then we went to Target. I wanted to get a dress for dinner with my BF and her boyfriend. As we are walking around I am feeling pretty strong contractions. I had just had a doctor appointment Thursday and my doctor did say I was having strong ones which was good but they weren’t consistent so I figured same deal just a little more painful maybe since we were walking around and baby was pushing down. As we were leaving I definitely felt like they were worse so we went home and I sat down and timed them and they were coming regularly so I called and left a message to have a doctor call me. Some of my mommy friends said go ahead and head out to dinner and if the get worse leave since I was still waiting on the doctor to call and had to get going. We are driving there and my back starts hurting too so I am getting somewhat concerned. Right when we get to the restaurant the doctor calls and tells me to head to labor and delivery to get checked. I felt so bad and tell my BF and she calls me and tells me to let her know when I know anything. I go and am monitored for about an hour and half and after about a half hour into it the woman gives me a huge thing of water and tells me to drink that and see if it helps, well sure enough my contractions peter off and she thinks I was a bit dehydrated. It was funny because right before I am about to go my contractions start up again but she said baby looks great, I am only 1cm dialated and to try not to worry till the contractions are very strong to where I am doubled over in pain, which I was right before getting there but I think it was also because I was trying to rush around getting stuff ready in case we had a baby (the doctor told us it was possible). 
Overall I learned my lesson, more water! I just had some cramps and had Branden bring me some and just chugged it down and they went away. Now I am waiting on my BF to get here so we can have lunch at our favorite place Beverly Hills Cafe! I feel bad I missed her dinner but glad we get to have lunch just me and her. To bad Ace didn’t come on her birthday, that would have been one hell of a birthday present! Now he just has to stay in till after her cruise gets back or she may never forgive me lol. 

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