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6 weeks, smiles and the Keys

By on August 29, 2011

My little man has come a long way since, well, yesterday!

The past week has been rough. Ace has been fussy and colicy and it just broke my heart.

This morning it all changed. He smiled at us, twice! We were sure it was a possible fluke but he smiled and that was all that mattered. He also has been less gassy and fussy. It’s like he woke up and decided to just enjoy the day.

Later on in the day I went to get him out of his swing, that he actually sat in for a bit staring at his toys and he smiled at me when I kissed him! I instantly kissed him more and more and did things to try to get him to smile and he did. Then I was on the phone with my Dad and I laughed and he did a little cooing laugh. So sweet.

On Friday we went to the Keys, it was Ace’s first trip to our family’s house there. He basically slept the day away and was up a lot of the night of course! He didn’t do much but hang out inside since he can’t wear sunscreen yet but it was nice to go down there.
He turned 6 weeks on Saturday when we were there so of course I took a picture of him!

So big at 6 weeks! 

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Ace | Monthly Updates

1 month old Dr. Apt.

By on August 18, 2011

7lbs 5ozs, 21inches

Today was Ace’s 1 month old doctor appointment. He was pissed the second we got there. We went in the room and I started to feed him then of course he had to be naked for his weight to be taken. After that we put him in a clean diaper and waited for the doctor, I fed him till she got there and right before he had the nastiest diaper ever! Then he started peeing as we are changing him. Branden and I got our hands soaked trying to avoid getting him covered in pee. Then the doctor gets there and he is upset again because he has to lay on the table and get examined. Then he pees again in his diaper so we have to change him a third time lol. We left there with no more diapers in the diaper bag. I forgot my Mom had used the others last time I was at her house and thankfully I had checked the wipes before we left and had Branden add more to the holder, had we not had those we would have been screwed.

His one month old stats are:
Weight: 7lbs 5ozs
Height: 21inches

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One Month Old!

By on August 17, 2011
One Month Old, will get a better picture later, he was a bit fussy and I still don’t have his blocks to label his pictures.

My precious little boy turned one month old yesterday. We go tomorrow to his doctor appointment so I will update on his weight and height then but for now here are some things he is doing.

At one month Ace wants to be on Mommy all the time.

Eats about 3 ozs. every 3 hours.

Eats mostly formula but Mommy is still trying to pump and let him nurse despite having a low supply.

He is finally fitting into his newborn clothes.

Is more alert during the day and is focusing on us more.

Is getting better at being in his carseat.

Likes sleeping in his swing during the day and with Mommy at night so he can nurse when he wants.

His hair is looking lighter, sometimes reddish in certain light but I think that is mostly because his hair is a mix of blond and brown. His eyes are getting lighter too.

Holds his head up really well.

Likes his play mat.

That is about it for now!

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4 weeks old!

By on August 14, 2011

My little man was 4 weeks old yesterday. He is so much more alert and awake now. He really looks at us and gurgles and makes all these cute noises. He is becoming easier to deal with at night as well. I have started sleeping with him next to meet and letting him nurse whenever he wants. It kind of sucks for me because I lay on my side all night and don’t sleep as deeply as normal and I also don’t keep blankets near us so it’s not 100% great but its easier then getting up and nursing him in the glider.

Yesterday my sister’s bestfriend Stephanie came to visit to celebrate her birthday and it was great seeing her. She is an only child so growing up we all were like sisters. I was their annoying little sister and they were my mean older sisters but now that we are older its so funny to do stuff together and enjoy being together. Those two were such trouble makers when we were kids so we never got along for long periods of times, even those two had their moments so we literally all got upset with eachother like sisters do. We ended up going to the store then to my parents for dinner and cake and then out to this place called Yardhouse for drinks then back home. It was a nice girls night out. My parents watched the baby and I kept calling and my Dad is like stop calling lol. I always miss him when I am gone even if it’s only for a couple hours and he is sleeping while I am gone.

My friend Anna and her parents also came by to meet Ace yesterday morning. Anna is one of my favorite people. We met in highschool through my sister and always have so much fun together. We used to drive around and dance around in our cars and randomly honk and wave at people and goof around constantly. I miss her so much because she now lives in NYC. She also doesn’t come down as much as she used to because her Mom moved a few hours away so its rare for her to be down and she had been down for a funeral so I didn’t get much time to see her but I am hoping to go up to where her Mom lives when she visits sometime.
Not to much else has been going on. Ace has his 1 month doctor appointment on Thursday and so I am excited to see how big he is now. He is such a peanut.
Here are some pictures of my handsome boy!

4 weeks old

4 weeks old
Anna and Ace

Steph and Ace

A rare moment when Ace took a paci for maybe 5 minutes

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Team Pauly

By on August 9, 2011

I am sitting here nursing my beautiful baby boy and I swear it’s one of the most difficult and yet most amazing things I have been able to do for someone else. I can’t describe it and I don’t think anyone can till they go through it. I say its difficult because he needs me more then I ever could have imagined and I am exhausted but supplementing and pumping has helped but I was definitely getting over tired and emotional from not taking care of myself enough too. He is such a little sweetie and he is becoming more alert and awake more. I can see us getting past this insanely tiring phase and hopefully moving onto a more relaxed phase with him.

Last night I got a night out with my bestfriend. We went to a bar where our friend Paul was having a viewing party for a show he is on. It is called Hell’s Kitchen, you may have heard of it! He is doing great on it and he cracks me up. He has the most sarcastic personality so I love watching him. It was fun going to the viewing party and getting out. My sister and Mom watched Ace since Bran had to work. Paul told me I could give his sister a onsie and she can make me a Team Pauly onsie for him. So awesome!

Not to much else has been going on. We did get a travel swing from a consignment shop for our room so I was excited about that. It will help when I am pumping.

Here are some recent pics!

Milk drunk

Just hanging out before his bath

Shy eater

Team Pauly

cuddle time

My two babies

Looking at daddy

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Ace | Baby | First Year

Almost 3 weeks!

By on August 5, 2011
First bath

My baby will be 3 weeks tomorrow!

He has been keeping me quite busy these past couple of weeks and I just love him to death but boy is this harder then I thought.

first bath

I am breast feeding and supplementing with formula here and there but hoping to cut that out soon. I need to get my supply up and I know that sounds like a contradiction because supplementing actually hurts your supply but I am also pumping so we will see. I am not giving up on breastfeeding though. I feel like it really has a ton of benefits for me and the bubba so I am sticking with it.

Mr. Ace is becoming more and more aware of  Branden and me. He is soothed almost instantly by me and more now with Branden than before.

2 weeks old on his quilt my aunt made

He hates his carseat so that sucks but hopefully he will get better with it. He has his good and bad days with sleep and nothing is on a schedule which sucks for me but works for him so we go with it. Nights are awful but it will only get better I know this, I just have to keep that in mind when I am overly tired and trying to figure out how to make him happy.

ears like Daddy’s

Ace is a very sweet boy, I just love him so much. I can’t bare to hear him cry so I pick him up almost instantly. No, this will not spoil him until he is older and he still does it so I am not concerned. Anyway here are a few pictures!

2 weeks old

sleeping on Mommy as usual

newborn pants don’t even fit! 

10 days old

My two loves
My angel
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