One Month Old!

One Month Old, will get a better picture later, he was a bit fussy and I still don’t have his blocks to label his pictures.

My precious little boy turned one month old yesterday. We go tomorrow to his doctor appointment so I will update on his weight and height then but for now here are some things he is doing.

At one month Ace wants to be on Mommy all the time.

Eats about 3 ozs. every 3 hours.

Eats mostly formula but Mommy is still trying to pump and let him nurse despite having a low supply.

He is finally fitting into his newborn clothes.

Is more alert during the day and is focusing on us more.

Is getting better at being in his carseat.

Likes sleeping in his swing during the day and with Mommy at night so he can nurse when he wants.

His hair is looking lighter, sometimes reddish in certain light but I think that is mostly because his hair is a mix of blond and brown. His eyes are getting lighter too.

Holds his head up really well.

Likes his play mat.

That is about it for now!

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