8 weeks!

Adonis is 8 weeks old today! We had taken him in the pediatrician yesterday to make sure he was ok because he seems to have a sensitive tummy. Doctor said he seems fine but to try a few things and it seems like he is already better today without trying anything, isn’t that the way things always work out?
He was weighed yesterday and he is 9lbs 13ozs. Not sure on height but we go Friday for his 2 month check up and I will update all his stats. I need to start seeing what his head measurements are.
Today I started working on getting him on a schedule. Eating 4ozs every 3 hours and trying to get him to bed by 10:30. So far the schedule during the day worked but bedtime has been hard. I am hoping by next week we will have him going down and not needing us to completely rock him to sleep.
Today I also tried out one of his Gdiapers. I am bummed that the size small already seems snug on him. It says it goes to 13lbs but I doubt it will last. He looked super cute in it though. It was also the start of college football so we dressed him up in his Michigan onsie and cap since Branden is a huge fan. I need to get that boy some South Florida stuff!
Tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 so hopefully everyone is safe and remembering those lost!
I took a bunch of pictures today too!

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