New Obsession!

I have a new obsession and it’s name is Pinterest! I am trying to be better at organizing, cooking and home projects and this is the perfect site to help with it.
So far I have gotten a lot of recipes and home ideas. I have this nightstand from my Grandma’s house after she passed and I do not want to mess it up so I found a few ideas on what I can do with it to make it look refreshed. I also want to get something to put in our kitchen for extra storage. I am thinking I need some kind of long dresser/shelf thing. I want to do a vintage, shabby chic look in there since our kitchen is very old fashion looking and so I am still on the hunt but I found this really cool mirror with three sections. The one in the middle is a circle and the two sides are rectangles. So far we have primed it and will paint it a teal color and then glaze it. I am then going to paint the glass with chalkboard paint so I can put a to-do list, menu and shopping list on each section.
I will post pics once I upload them. I am hoping to finish the mirror on Wednesday since Branden has off and he can help me with it and hopefully we can find a piece for the kitchen, we tried Salvation Army but they had a power outage from the storm and Ace was cranky so we are going to try another day.
Here is my Pinterest so you can see some of my recipes and home ideas!

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