Weekend Update!

We had a great weekend! Friday Branden and I went to an Oktoberfest with some friends and they had different beer venders there giving out samples. I rarely drink so I had a buzz going on, then we went and had food from the food trucks, I love those! My bestfriend Maggie and I split nachos, which were awesome. Bran and my sister had food from a hot dog one and they seemed to like it. My parents watched Squish, which was awesome of them. I don’t know what I would do without their help. I would never go anywhere.

Saturday I met up with some girls from my Mommy Meet Up group. There was five of us and Adonis was the youngest baby like usual. He slept through most of it after he had his bottle but was really good the times he was awake.

Sunday I went to my uncle’s house and had dinner with my parents, sister and cousins. Adonis was of course the center of attention and so cute. I am super close with my cousins so I just love seeing them with him. We also got back our pictures from our photo session last week. We got some really great shots. That’s about it for our weekend!

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