Look for Less Update

Last night my sister, mom and I went to Target because it was the only place open and we were bored. They decided to help me scope out some items for my Look for Less challenge. I was surprised I found everything I was looking for there. I had planned to look for the shirt at Forever21 or Charlotte Russe because they usually have t-shirts like the one in the picture but found a cute tee at Target. It is gray with letters, so not the same but still cute. I also found a couple cardigans, nothing with sparkles or anything on them so I went for a plain black one that was 3/4 sleeves. I also found some silver bangles and a white watch. I had the cut off shorts, black purse and a pair of black wedges I wanted to use to complete the look at home. It really helped keep the price down. My total at Target was less then $50 plus my Mom bought the cardigan since she wanted to get my sister and me each something. My sister and Mom suggested having a $75 budget so I stayed under that. I believe I was just under $65 with tax if I had bought the cardigan.

Didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it too lol

Watch: $12.99
Bangles: $4.99
Cardigan: $19.99
T-shirt: $12.99
Shorts: From my closet
Wedges: From my closet
Purse: From my closet

So after putting the outfit together I realized it wasn’t very baby friendly. I then decided that instead of just trying to do a look for less, I would then revamp it to make it more practical for everyday Mommy wear. I decided that the cut off shorts and wedges were a bit too much for me with the baby so I switched those out for some distressed jeans I had from American Eagle and sandles I got from Old Navy forever ago. I switched out the purse for my diaper bag and removed the bangles since they would rubbed against Ace’s back when I held him. I think the mommy look is definitely more me. So here is my look for less mommy make over.

Much better! 

Mommy Make-Over
Jeans: From my closet
Diaper Bag: Baby Shower gift
Sandles: From closet

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