I have been having some major baby fever lately. I can not get over it. My husband and I going to let nature take its course so to speak for now and if nothing happens whenever we actually want to really try then we will be heading to the doctor to see what is going on. As some of you know I have PCOS and that is why it took us more than a year to get pregnant with Ace. I have yet to have a post pregnancy period so the hopes of getting pregnant on my own anytime soon are slim to none. Either way baby fever is setting in. Not sure if it’s because Ace is becoming more and more independent and getting closer to toddlerhood or if it’s that I want to have my children close in age like my sister and I are.
It’s a hard thing to decide when you feel slightly conflicted. In one way I want my son to have his babyhood over with, have his own things he is interested in and a lot of time with just Branden and me before we have another one. Then I think of how fun it is to always have a playmate and someone to share a room with and confide in and just grow up together with. I then think well what if the next one ends up being our last one? Does that make a difference in how far apart I want them to be? I am thinking too much about it but I know it will happen when the time is right just like it did with Ace.
And now for your daily dose of cuteness…

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