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This weekend has been pretty busy but very fun.
On Saturday we were invited over to my best friend Maggie and her boyfriend Chad’s condo to watch the Kentucky Derby.  Maggie is a Kentucky born girl and usually watches it every year with her amazing mother Susan but unfortunately Maggie is here and Susan is in California.

We spent most of the day in PJ’s till it was time to go and Ace has become super obsessed with Simon. Simon likes to lick his face and Ace likes to grab his collar when he gets close so it’s a match made in Heaven.
We headed over there around 4:30, I made a fabulous taco dip, which had a few mishaps but turned out delicious.
We had an awesome time just hanging out and Ace did some very impressive dance moves for the group. He loves being around people and getting to show off. Later on their friends came over with their little boy who is 3 and he was playing with a gift from them and Ace was obsessed with the toy. He was starting to actually scoot backwards which he had never done before. He really liked being around an older child.

Boys and their toys!

Sunday Ace had a mini photo shoot for a woman who needed baby models for her etsy shop.  That lasted about an hour but he didn’t smile much. We realized he was getting his first tooth! After that we headed to church and he spent his first time in the nursery.  He hadn’t napped and I was worried he would be cranky but when I got back they said he was really well behaved and loved all the other babies. After that he passed out in the car and slept for 3 hours when we got home. After that we had planned to go to IKEA and get some things for the kitchen because my husband installed a dishwasher (he is such a rockstar!) and so that took up some of our shelving and needed something to put stuff on.  We found a great table and some shelving for the wall so I am hoping we will have it all done this week. I love that we are revamping the house now that we are staying there. It is so fun and pinterest gives me so many ideas. We may go broke because of it lol.
We also have some very exciting news. We are having Ace dedicating on Mother’s Day at Church! I am so thrilled to have this done. The church has been so welcoming and kind to us and we have only gone a few times. My cousin’s work in the ministry so they know everyone there and it is great getting to know people. I think it will be special day for all of us. 

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