I got a surprise day off today so Branden and I decided to do some more work on the house.  We needed an area rug for our living room and some other random odds and ends. We decided to go to IKEA. We got a great rug for really inexpensive, which is what we need with two dogs and a baby. They ruin everything so we don’t like to spend too much on things we will be replacing a lot. Once we are done with the living room I will do a before and after of that because we are working hard on getting it perfect!

Hot Mess!
Organized Bliss!

I also needed some organizers for my bra drawer. I always see ideas for organizing bras and was in serious need. I usually just throw them in a drawer and wish my expensive Victoria Secret bras good luck. I ended up getting the SKUBB 6 pack of storage boxes. They worked great. They come with two long boxes, 2 small square boxes and, 2 bigger square boxes. I used the 4 smaller ones for my bra drawer and the two bigger ones for undies and bikinis that I keep in another area. My drawer went from hot mess to organized bliss!

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