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By on June 30, 2012
I think I may have gone a bit overboard on Ace’s birthday. We already have about 30 kids RSVP’d for the day. That is not including those who are probably just now or will get the invites next week. I am hoping it goes smoothly with that many kids. We have a huge age range as well. The youngest baby is about 7 months old I believe and then we have teenagers as well. 
Today Branden and I spent the morning cleaning out the office to make room for the blow up mattress for Branden’s family that is staying with us, went through Ace’s clothes, and then headed out to go buy some more birthday goodies. We picked up more goodie bags, animal crackers, candy, prizes, games, cotton candy, popcorn boxes and a bunch of other stuff. Then we grabbed some lunch at Froots, which is AMAZING and headed to my parents to go through all the birthday stuff, again! I of course forgot my list of kids coming so I could organize things by ages so instead of doing that we just separated things based on goodie bags and prizes. 
After that we headed home and put Ace down for his nap and got to work on his play kitchen. Branden had already got it all chopped up and put some doors on it for the fridge so we worked on priming it which was awful. I hate painting. Once the whole painting thing is done I think things will be more fun.  Branden and I were joking back and forth about who thought of doing this and I was like want to just go buy a already made one and we both laughed because it’s just not our style. We rarely buy things new and we like to make things our own. Not only does it save us money but it makes our house feel comfy cozy to us. 
Here is the original tv stand and what it looked like before we primed it. I haven’t taken a picture of it primed yet. 

Work in Progress

As you can see Branden cut the middle top off and replaced the doors with plywood. The middle is where we are thinking of putting what looks like a stove top and a sink. To the left is the fridge and to the right we want to make a microwave. It is coming along! 
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Featured Poster | Nursery

Featured Friday: Elise from I Heart Pears!

By on June 29, 2012
Hi, I’m Elise from I Heart Pears which focuses on sophisticated nursery and baby shower designs.  I love finding great ideas and walk my readers through rooms to point out where you can see great design.  Recently I have found so many great baby boy nurseries focused around a nautical theme.  Here are some great design boy nautical nurseries.
This gorgeous nursery was designed by Candice Olson which has so many great details all over this room.  My favorite thing in a nautical nursery is a compass placed on a ceiling around the ceiling light, which you can see really clearly in this picture.  The curtains have stripped panels and I love all of the pictures and art on the wall.  This room uses softer tones for a calm feeling in the room with sporadic bursts of reds for accents. Found at

In nautical nurseries I have found, many have navy blue on the walls and even with stripes.   This nursery below uses an equal width stripes with the navy blue and white going half way down the wall to the wainscoting (nursery from  I also love the sailboats hanging from the ceiling as a mobile, which would be a fun project to create, and the white furniture from the crib to the glider creates a clean and lighter look in the room.  

More great stripes in this room, this time the blue and white stripes are a different width.  This wall space has been used really well with matching black floating shelves, equally positioned around the crib, and a matching the black crib.  Above the stripes the designer placed the baby’s name in block white letters which stands out perfectly against the navy wall.  If the whole wall was painted navy blue, the room would feel really heavy, the white wainscoting breaks up the room and creates a lighter feeling.  (found on

In this nautical nursery, the designed placed netting and rope in the corners and along the walls.  A common theme in these nurseries are stripes, and navy blue and white like we see in this nursery.  The designer for this nursery also used white furniture and focused more on a sky blue for the walls, crib bedding, rug, and glider cover.  (Found at

In a nautical nursery, you can also use a whole mural on the wall like this beautiful lighthouse art.  The white furniture gives the room a soft feel and the anchor carpet on the floor really makes a statement and is great on the wooden floor.  If you look close you can find hints of baby blue from the knobs on the dresses, crib bedding, diaper hamper, and changing table.  (From

Here is another great navy blue room with white furniture.  The walls also have stripes on one of the walls along with stripes on the crib bedding.  My favorite thing is the starfish design on the wall.  This design might have to be placed a little higher when this little boy is older and can stand in his crib, but I love the idea of the paddle with the name and the starfish hanging down.  (From Chic Cheap Nursery).

Pottery Barn is always filled with ideas that inspire me.  This crib is positioned in a bay window and has blackout curtains to block in the light.  This room is beautiful with the curtains open and the pennant detail in the window really gives a little detail to this window space and acts a little bit like a mobile by the crib.  The accents from whales and anchors can be seen and this room has wooden accents from the crib, glider, and outline of the picture frames. (From Pottery Barn Kids).

Here is another brown crib with brown accents throughout the room.  I thought this nursery was unique because of the beautiful artwork on the wall behind the crib.  Definitely a focal point in this room. I like how this focal point wall has a deeper blue with light blue stripe going across, and the adjacent wall we see is that lighter color.  I also like the tan curtains that match the color of the glider. (From:

Here is another baby boy nursery with a compass around the ceiling light.  All around the walls and floor you see a tan/beige color giving the room a light feel.  The black crib is definitely the focal point from its position and bold color in the room.  I prefer a lighter feel in a nursery so I would have probably used a cream colored crib with navy sheets (to go with the navy accents all over).  Besides the compass on the ceiling, I love how the bookshelves are filled with items from lighthouses to sailboats.  So cute (from 
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By on June 28, 2012

I am so excited. We went to IKEA today to get some cute items for Ace’s play kitchen we are making. I am hoping it turns out the way I am envisioning it. Branden is at Home Depot now getting some of the stuff we need from there too. Cross your fingers for us that it turns out nice.
Anyone else make a play kitchen before? If so, how’d it turn out?

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Linking up | What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I’m Loving…

By on June 27, 2012
What I’m Loving Wednesday!
This Chevron IPhone case. Really wishing I had an IPhone right now!
This Skip Hop Diaper Bag. Very nice and doesn’t look like your typical diaper bag.
Oink, Piglet! This is the book Ace has started to really like. We got it from my friend Pam and he loves rubbing the pigs nose since it is soft. It also is a cute and quick read before bed.
The new Thirsties Duo Print. It is called Scottish Storm, how fun is that? I love the preppy look. They also have this in pink for girls.

And of course this adorable face!

If any of these items appeal to you they are linked to Amazon for you to buy. Well, all of them except my child.  I love that feature! 

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Make a Mess!

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Splish Splash!
When I had my son I knew I wanted to raise him to enjoy life, have fun whenever possible and not be afraid of the world. I stand back and let him explore and try not to freak out with every bump or fall he takes. He is a strong little boy who rarely cries and smiles with so much ease. Sometimes allowing your child to be independent means messes but that is ok with me. 
I love when he gets messy doing something he loves because I know he is having a good time. Since my son LOVES getting messy and isn’t a fan of me wiping his face and hands I let him “do it himself”. It is a way to make getting clean fun. 
Sometimes we use a bowl with water in it and dunk his hands in and he thinks this is the best thing ever. He loves feeling the water and he lets me get his hands and face clean without fussing. Another thing we do is wash his hands at the sink. Anytime he sees the faucet turn on he freaks out and gets very excited. Sure we end up getting wet from all the splashing he does and we don’t always have time to do this because we are in a rush but if you want to make something as simple as getting your baby’s hands and face clean without the fuss let them do it “on their own”. They won’t even care you are helping them because they are having so much fun.
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Ace | life

My Walking Boy!

By on June 25, 2012

My baby can walk! Ok he can only take about 3 or 4 steps at a time but he is doing it! I need to get a video ASAP of this. I am so excited. I really was hoping he would be taking steps by his first birthday and he is. He is such a cute little walker too. Yay, ACE!

And because I don’t have a picture of him actually walking I will give you a taste of what he does to himself when he eats.

Not too bad

A little messy but cute

Rubbed it in his eyes and not looks crazy

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Birthday | Etsy Shop | Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind

By on
Our attempt at pictures in the backyard

My Boogie and Me!

Ace and I woke up and headed to Target while Branden went golfing. We may or may not have gone a little crazy buying clothes, more birthday party supplies and some food. Then we headed home, had lunch and Ace man went down for a nap.

Bran got home and we had Ace’s 1 year pictures taken by the most fabulous photographer Dawn. She seriously has a true talent with children. Ace was so tired and getting cranky by the time she got here and we were wondering if he would be in the mood to take pictures. She got him to smile and laugh the entire time. She also had some amazing ideas for pictures and I almost teared up when we got a picture of him in my Grandpa’s old brief case and shirt. He is who Ace is named after so it was a touching moment for me. She also got a picture of him with my old blanket. She got some great shots. I can not wait till we have our viewing session so we can see the finished photos.
After that Branden took over with mini man and I headed over to my sisters. We had dinner and talked “business”. We are starting out very own Etsy shop and went over all the details including a business plan, store policies, name ideas, did lots of brainstorming and had some beer and wings while we were at it. It was a good time.


Ace slept in till 10AM (seriously this kid is awesome). Then we had breakfast and headed to church and met up with my cousins. Then we came home had lunch, Ace went down for a nap and Ashley and I worked on our shop some more. Picked a name, Perfectly Inviting, and got to work on the templates and creative part of the shop. We are so blessed to have all this coming together. We spent the entire day just working away and I think we have a great store. I will be posting more on that later.

My Mantel

4th of July Subway Art from our Shop Perfectly Inviting

Overall the weekend was busy but we got even more things checked off Ace’s birthday to-do list and even got our store off the ground.

Hanging with his buddy Simon

Here is an updated version of the Birthday To-Do List!

Ace’s Birthday and Baptism To-Do List

  • Pictures
    • Smash Cake
    • One Year Old
    • Baptism Outfit
  • Order Cakes
    • Smash Cake
    • Cupcakes
  • Order Party Supplies from Oriental Trading
  • Make Smash Cake Album for Party
  • Organize Party Supplies that we have
  • Make Invitations
  • Mail Out Invitations
  • Make and Finish Ace’s Wish list
  • Order Ace’s Birthday Outfit
  • Hire Lifeguard
  • Make Birthday Wreath
  • Finalize Food with Mom and Celeste
  • Get Final Headcount
  • Make Goody bags
  • Organize Prizes and Games
  • Set up Baby Changing Station
  • Make reservations for Baptism dinner with family
  • Set up and Enjoy the day!
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