Review: That’s My Boy

That’s My Boy
Release Date: June 15
Rating: R

Want to see a movie that is hilarious, has crude humor and two of the funniest actors ever in it? Then I would suggest seeing That’s My Boy! My sister and I got tickets for the prescreening of the movie and I would say I laughed about 80 percent of the time. Now this is not your regular Adam Sandler movie. I have seen my fair share of his movies and this one is much more “mature” then the rest of his movies. There is some drug use, sexual scenes and a lot of nudity. I was surprised but that was also because I didn’t realize it was rated R. I am a huge Adam Sandler fan so that alone made it a must see but Andy Samberg was also great in this movie. He plays an uptight offspring of an inappropriate teacher student relationship ala Mary Kay Letourneau. His father, Donny, gets custody of him and names him Han Solo, which alone made me nearly die laughing. Han Solo grows up, changes his name to Todd and goes from chunky dork to preppy nerd who is getting married and has deemed himself an orphan. The combination of Adam Sandler’s pot smoking, washed up 80’s icon and Andy’s insecure uptight business man is comical. A clever addition to this movie is Rob Van Winkle AKA Vanilla Ice. They did a great job mixing in the 80’s trends with today’s society making it even more amazing for those of us who grew up on Ice, Ice Baby! 
Note: Don’t be that parent that brings your kid to this movie. There was about 20 children at this movie and I only saw two parents actually walk out with their kids. It was really inappropriate for younger views. 

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