Invitations and Wine

LOTS of cutting!

Last night after work I went over to my sister’s house and we got to work on Ace’s birthday invitations. I just have to say my sister is AMAZING! She has a true talent. She has made all my invitations from my bridal shower to now. She also put together an awesome itinerary for my wedding when we were in Vegas. When she showed me the final product it was better then I had imagined. First of all the paper  my mom bought to print them on was so cool. It was shimmery and so when she printed everything on them it just gave them more of a pop. She also made it so they popped out from the background and it just gives them a nice touch. I can not wait to hear what everyone else thinks of them.

Looking like a hot mess but we had wine!

On that note it was a fun girlie night. Our friend Alexis came over to help and I just love her. We all were laughing the entire night. It was a bit of a tedious process with lots of cutting and sticking but we got them all done. Now we just need to print out addresses and mail them out. I am a little behind on getting them out but I made an event on Facebook so most people already know the date and time.

I am still in shock that his first birthday is coming up so quickly!

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