I have had the day off today and it was nice getting to spend some one on one time with Ace. He woke up and we played for a bit then I made him scrambled eggs for the first time. He devoured them. Then we played some more and did laundry. He then took a nap for over 2 hours! I was not expecting that. An old friend came by to pick up some baby clothes he had grown out of and brought her adorable son Lucas with her. It was so great catching up with her and talking about baby stuff. We both had a lot of trouble getting pregnant and there is just something about talking to other women about that that makes you feel less alone about it. Now we both have these beautiful sweet boys!
After that my Mom came over and we went to Chick-fil-A and had lunch. Then we headed to Party City! I think we may finally be done with goodie bag stuffers and prizes. Holy cow have we been going nuts.
Then I headed home and what an awesome surprise, my sister and I had our first sale in our Etsy shop and my Facebook page and Blog have grown with followers! Thank you so much for following me through this amazing journey of being a mother. I am so grateful for everyones support.

On a very exciting note, we are getting closer to finishing Ace’s play kitchen. My husband is really a rockstar. He has it all painted an aqua color and painted the fridge, microwave and oven doors a metallic color. Once we get those attached it is going to really start looking amazing!!! Here is a picture of the kitchen painted aqua. I think he might work on it a bit more tonight so if he does I will post another one tomorrow.

Love the aqua color!

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