Giveaway Confusion Cleared Up!

Do to some confusion I am going to explain how to do some of the entries for the Baby K’tan Giveaway.

  • First Entry is you must be a follower of my blog. The reason for this is I have a lot of loyal followers and I find it only fair for a follower to win verses someone who just is coming over to win a prize. Yes, people can always stop following after but I hope through this you end up reading more of my blog and really liking it and stick around. In order to do this you can scroll down to where it says Followers on the right side, the click Join this site and put your name in and then tell me what name you put in so I can make this entry has been done correctly.
  • Second Entry is simple, leave a blog comment on which post interest you the most. Scroll down and just leave me a comment. Someone mentioned they were having issues with this. If so please  email me so I can get your entry in if you did this. 
  • Third Entry is “Like” Perfectly Imperfect Mom on Facebook. This one is easy because you can like it right from the entry so do this and move onto the next one.
  • Fourth Entry is “Like” Baby K’tan. Same as above, simple, next!
  • Fifth Entry is now unlocked. These ones are not mandatory but if you do use them as entry make sure to follow through. This one is another simple one and it is to follow me on Twitter. Just put your twitter name in the blank so I can check. 
  • Sixth Entry, another easy one that can be done right there, Like the blog post.
  • Seventh Entry is to Tweet the giveaway, just post the link so I can check to make sure the entry is complete. If there is no link this entry will be removed. 
  • Eighth Entry is the highest point value. Blog about the entry. If you have a blog just tell your readers to head on over and check out the Giveaway. Post the link to this entry, no link=no entry.
  • Last is to Pin the Giveaway, If you have Pinterest just hit Add and post the link to the giveaway. Post the link, this can be done daily. 
Daily Entries: Pin, Tweet, Blog and Share. 
Any entries that are not completed will be deleted. I ask that you Share from my Facebook page so I can check who has shared it. You can also post the link. 
If you have issues with any of the entries please email me or message me on Facebook.

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