Mommy Must Haves: Pregnancy

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When you find out you’re pregnant your mind is turned into a place of bassinets, layettes and unicorns.
Then comes the morning sickness and waking up every other minute to pee in the middle of the night. Here are some of my Pregnancy Must Haves to hopefully help you get through the next 9 months.
From morning sickness to fat feet!

Morning Sickness: don’t let the name fool you, it happens at anytime during the day, usually at the most inconvenient time.

  • Sea-Band Mama Acupressure Wristband: I loved these! Sure they make you look like an 80’s gym rat but if something could prevent me from puking while driving I was going to wear it.
  • Three Lollies Preggie Pops: Feeling sick? Have a lolly pop! So many women swear by these. 
  • Tums Smoothies: Ok these aren’t for morning sickness but when you are dying in the middle of the night from heartburn you will be buying stock in these. 
  • Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum: When I didn’t have a ginger ale near me these worked just as well and fast. 
Stretch Marks: best tip is to try to gain weight at a even pace. If you gain weight too rapidly you are more likely to get them. Here is what I used to help keep my skin from feeling horrible and stretched to the max.
maxi dress!

Maternity Clothes: Some essentials.

  • Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band: This will help you really stretch the wear of your regular jeans and works great for after the baby comes and you still have a bit of a belly. It is also great for when you are nursing and want to keep your tummy covered but need to lift your top up. They come in a variety of colors which I love.
  • Motherhood Maternity: Scoop Neck Side Ruched Maternity Tank Top: I lived in long tank tops. I first wore regular ones but then had to buy maternity ones towards the end. The Motherhood ones are only $7.99 too. That price rocks!
  • Motherhood Maternity: Sleeveless Belted Maternity Dress: I wore dresses almost everyday towards the middle to the end of my pregnancy. I hated having pants around my waist or hips and it was so hot that the dresses kept me nice and cool.  This one from Motherhood Maternity is adorable and the price is great. 
  • Ballerina Flats: Flats will help you still feel cute and feminine when you feel big and fat. They are comfortable and if you get ones with elastic edging they will be comfortable when your feet swell. I also loved wearing flip flops on the hotter days. I love Old Navy since theirs are very cheap. 
  • Your Go to Maternity Jeans: A pair of amazing maternity jeans is worth the money even if it is just one pair you can grab when you are in a rut and can’t think of anything else to wear. 
Sleep: Towards the end nothing helps.
  • Body Pillows: If you see them in the store, just buy them all. You will end up surround your whole body with them by the end. Your husband will be sleeping somewhere else because there will be no room for him. If you want to spend a little more I highly recommend the Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillow
  • Tabletop Air-Circulator Fan: By the end of your pregnancy you are hot no matter how low the air is set. My husband bought me a fan and I was finally able to not sweat the entire night. 

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