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By on August 31, 2012

We have the 3 winners from the Ad Spot Giveaway!
Kelly, Gail and Tabitha, I will be emailing or messaging you on Facebook. Please make sure to email me back and I will send you a code to enter for your 30 day ad run. The button size must be 275×100 pixels. If you do not have a button and would like me to make one for you I can do so for a minimal fee.

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style | What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I’m Loving…

By on August 29, 2012
This is what I am loving right now…

First and foremost I am loving the fact that my sister-in-law Nicole is going to be having a baby!!! I was waiting to post who was pregnant because she hadn’t announced it yet but a couple days ago my mother-in-law made the announcement on Facebook for her since she rarely gets on. I am so so happy for her and her husband Andy. She is the sweetest.
Now for some other things I am loving!

My gorg nail polish! Why, yes, it is Wet N’ Wild! I can’t bring myself to spend a lot on nail polish because I never wear the same color more than a few times.
The Inbetweeners on MTV
All my new clothes!
This mini hair straightener. I am going to have to get this before we go to Michigan I think. 
My Fabulous animal print purse.
This look 
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By on August 28, 2012

I have so many exciting things coming up for my blog and for my family! September we are going to Michigan and Ohio to visit family for 10 days. Then in October we are going up to Daytona to see one of my best friends and her family. I am obsessed with her girls. We call eachothers kids our own because she has two girls and I have a son so her girls are mine and my son is hers. Weird? Eh, we don’t care! ha! Then October 21st Bran and I are doing the 5K Color Run!
I also have some incredible giveaways coming up! First one is the Baby Brezza. I will post about the rest soon once I get them in. WOOHOO!
What kind of giveaways would you like to see on Perfectly Imperfect Mom?
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About Me | Travel

Craving Autumn Time!

By on

I think it is safe to say that everyone loves Fall. In South Florida it is a miracle if it gets cool enough to wear a jacket in the Fall time. Despite the lack of chilly weather we do lose the gross humidity that seems to plague us most of the year.

This year we are heading to Michigan a couple weeks before the official start of Fall but I know it is going to feel like it when I get there. I have already picked out cute clothes for Ace to wear and I can’t wait to get my favorite boots out! You can see my obsession over those here and here.

I can’t wait to go to Knaebe’s and have apple cider and eat some yummy donuts and get apples. I have been dying to bring Ace there. It screams Autumn! I also  can’t wait to put his Football Beanie on his little head and take pictures of him running around.

Here are some snap shots of our trip there 3 years ago.

It slobbered all over me, notice my sister in law in the background laughing at me

Check out Bella’s face? She is the cutest!

With half of Bran’s siblings and their significant others. Love them!

Bella was running to her Uncle Branden, swoon!

Check me out! 

Rochelle taught me to make caramel apples

Finished product! 

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Best of | DIY | Pinspiration | style

Sock Bun Tutorial

By on August 26, 2012

Today my best friend asked me to show her how to put her hair in a sock bun and I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to show all of you as well!
Check out my step by step tutorial.

Step 1: Get a long sock and cut the toe off. If you are smart like us you will steal one from your boyfriend or husband so you don’t have to ruin one of yours.

 Step 2: Flip sock inside out and start to roll it till it looks like a ring.

Keep rolling

Rock should look like a ring

Step 3: Pull your hair into a ponytail. Put hair through the center of the sock and hold ring it at the end. Pull ends up and around the ring so they are tucked in. My hair isn’t all one length when it is in a ponytail so  that is why it looks really messy when I do it. As you roll the sock down tuck loose hair into the ring and under and keep rolling till you reach the top of your head. Make sure to pull all stray hairs under the bun and tuck them around.
Maggie’s hair wasn’t as messy because hers is longer.

Slide ring to the end of hair

Roll ends up and around ring

Me trying to shove my ends up and under the sock but my hair is all uneven

End result

Maggie’s sock bun

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