Weekend Rewind!

Cheers to Monday!

And here is my weekend rewind!

Came home and went to dinner with my bestie! I was a hot mess and she had gotten poured on so we picked this place we knew no one ever goes to and go figure we see someone we know.

I had planned to have a Mommy Day Off. I went to my Mom’s and she dyed my horrible grays and I got a text from friends to go hang with them and their baby so we all ended up going to lunch (after an hour drive because Bran took the WORST road ever!). We had Chipotle and it was my first time actually eating there. Let me tell you, that place is the bomb! I had one of their bowls before because Bran brought me home one but there is definitely something about going and eating there and hanging out with friends that makes it even better. After that we went to this place called A Latte Fun! We got there 30 minutes before they closed so thankfully we talked the girl into giving us a discount and went in to play. Ace and Brady made a little friend and girlfriend. This little girl loved giving hugs. I think her and Brady are made for each other. He is a hugging machine! Then Ace dragged this drum around the entire time we were there. I couldn’t get him to play with any other toy and he even fell into a box of toys and just sat there playing with the drum, ha! That kid is a trip. The men sat in some chairs and messed with their phones and had man talk. Then before we left we threw Ace in a foam pit, which he really liked and then jumped with him on the trampoline they had there. So fun!

We had planned to have dinner and movie night with my cousins but after we got home Ace and I both felt terrible. He took a crappy nap and I just laid around. My head had been killing me all day so that was no fun. We ended up just ordering food in and watching Real World. Yeah, that show is still on.

Woke up to a crying Boogie. Poor guy! Then we went and played in the living room and I got the funniest video of Ace dancing to the Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme song. I wish I had gotten it right when it first played because he was breaking it down and throwing his hands in the air but I just hit rewind and recorded him doing it a second time. Not quite as funny but still pretty entertaining.
We then had lunch at Hooters, where Ace fell in love with our waitress (typical). Then we headed to Target and bought some shipping supplies and fun stuff for my desk and of course groceries. It was PACKED! I forgot school is starting back up.

Hanging out at Hooters

Already pretending he isn’t with me when there are pretty girls around
After that we headed home, cleaned, works on some orders and relaxed.
Some of my orders!
Overall it was a great weekend. What was your weekend like?

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