Flower headbands, anyone?

This Saturday my bestie and I are going to the Mermaid Cafe! I can’t wait. We would go there when we were younger and I haven’t been in forever. We have decided we need to discuss the flower headband trend and whether or not I can pull it off. She has deemed her hairline incapable of looking good with a headband on so it is up to me to pull of this trend. Wish me luck!

I really need to know where the cutest ones are. I want to get them from Etsy or a homemade shop to support those working from home and have their own business. Any suggestions?

This is the style I am looking for…

The flowers can be a bit bigger but I like those kind of flowers. Any ideas? 
I wear my hair back a lot so that is the main reason I feel like I need to get with this trend so I look less sloppy. 

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