Learning to Embrace Toddlerhood

As a mother of a very independent, outgoing and loud toddler I have learned a thing or two in the short time I have been a mother to this toddling little disaster. 
First of all no matter how well behaved your toddler is they will always throw a fit at the least convenient time. This is when you want to crawl under a rock and hide till they stop because in that moment you feel like your child is going to explode from being so pissed off. What have I learned from this? Well, first of all, when your toddler is throwing a tantrum, the last thing that is going to make your toddler calm down is yelling at or spanking them. I mean, if you are pissed off at someone, is them reacting to you in anger going to make you cool down? No. 

The start of crocodile tears!

The tears stopped the second he realized I was going to take a picture. He is already a ham!

Now I am not saying I am perfect and always handle these situations with the perfect amount of grace and control but I do try. Distractions are also my friend in these situations. Usually Ace will get upset and if we move him along to something more interesting he stops whining. If that doesn’t work sometimes just letting the tantrum run its course is all that needs to be done. That isn’t always the easiest thing to handle if you are stressed and in a hurry but I am telling you, these kids can smell fear, and will act on it! 

Playing with his friend before he later bit her 🙁

Biting, hitting, pinching, pushing and pulling hair seems to also be one of the many “joys” of toddlerhood. Ace has done some of these to some of his little friends and I can tell you every time I felt like the worlds worse mother. I know Ace isn’t a “bad” or mean child. He is quite the opposite. He is easy going and friendly but he is still trying to figure out how to get what he wants, what is and isn’t going to hurt his friend and sometimes does things because he wants to see what will happen. He has had these things done to him as well and of course I understand that this isn’t some defective toddler harming my child and the parents aren’t going around teaching them its ok to act like this. It is a fact of life, some or most toddlers are going to have a time in their life when they do something to hurt their friend and to put it simply, it sucks.

He wouldn’t let go of this Frog!

What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine! This is something I watch on a daily basis with Ace and his little friends. They all want the same toy at the same time. If someone else has it, too bad, someone is taking it from the other one. Toddlers think they own everything. Heck, I was at the doctors and I was giving Ace some yogurt melts and a little girl came up to me and tried to grab them from me. She probably has them at her house and just assumed they belong to her. Her father apologized but seriously? My kid would have done the same thing, I am sure of it.

Care free and happy!

I am not saying all of Toddlerhood is scary. In fact I love this age. My son is hysterical, lovable and still thinks I am pretty awesome. He even has his own signature booty dance. To be honest he is free entertainment when we go to parties. He loves to make others laugh. Its just a skill he already has leaving us to believe we are in big trouble when he starts school. Class clown, anyone? He loves his friends, is carefree and has a true zest for life. No matter how many times I want to pull my hair out or scream there are 100 more times I want to just hang out with my little guy because to me, he really is the most amazing person on this planet.
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