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1. You’re at Target or Walmart, what’s the first department you hit?

First of all I am a Target girl all the way. Walmart, I can’t! Don’t even ask.

Anyway, I always hit up the dollar section. My husband will actually park on the grocery side so we don’t go past it when we walk in because I drive him nuts with searching the dollar section for something new. If not the dollar section then the baby or clothes sections. I also lurve Starbucks so if its early in the morning I will get me a Caramel Mocha Frappuccino! 


2. What are 3 items you always have stocked in your home, fridge or pantry?
Other then the necessities I have US weekly always on hand, Hersey’s Almond Bars, and Diet Coke. Those are normal things right?

3. Do you prefer shopping alone or with others? Why?
Depends, I usually like shopping with my bestie Maggie because for some reason we always are able to find stuff that looks good on the other person. I am not a fan of really shopping with anyone else as much so I prefer to shop alone so I can concentrate on what I am looking for. 

4. What’s the biggest splurge you’ve ever made?
Hmmm…I would have to say out Jeep. 

5. What’s the best deal you’ve ever snagged?
I got my UGGs for a huge discount because the inside colors were slightly different. It was so unnoticeable but I wasn’t going to argue. 

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