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When are you guys going to have baby # 2?

This is a tough one for me. When Ace was first born I said I was done. That was it. When he was a few months old and probably the easiest baby in the world I thought I wanted another one right away so they would be super close in age. Now that he is a toddler and we can go do things easily and he has time with his friends I want to really cherish this time. I enjoy being able to have one on one time and I love that it is easy for us to go on a family trip just the 3 of us. I do want him to have a sibling but I also want him to be able to have this time of just us for himself. Then when he starts daycare or preschool and I can dedicate time to a newborn and have one on one time for that baby too I think we will have another one. 

How many children do you want to have?

I think two is the magic number for us. With my family we had three children but my brother was so much older that a lot of times it ended up being just my parents, sister and I. It seemed to be good that each parent was able to have a child for a ride at a park or a hand to hold. My brother usually had my cousin to ride rides with or hang out with so it worked out perfectly because he was so much older. I think that if we had two that are decently close then we might consider another one or two down the road but I think if I had three really young ones all together it would be difficult. 

Do you have names already picked out for the rest of your kids?

We sure do! We will not share our girl name because it is very uncommon right now and I would be so bummed if I shared it and found out someone else loved it and wanted to use it. So if someone else loves it and uses it then I know it won’t have been me who gave it up, ha! Our boy name is Dominic Scott-Patrick. Dominic is a family name on my side and was Branden’s confirmation name. Scott is Branden and Ace’s middle name and Patrick is my Dad’s name. Ace also is named after family so I like having that tradition. The girl’s name we love would also be after someone but not in a traditional sense. 

Ace and my Dad

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