16 months


This past month has been another crazy one for you. You are still a chatter box and learning new words everyday. Your newest sign is “thank you” and you also say it.

You love the song “The Wheels on the Bus” and right now your favorite part is bouncing up and down. You have pretty much stopped hitting your friends making for one happy Mommy. You do hit when you are over tired though.

You love carrying around a blankie and put it over your shoulders but don’t depend on it. You are obsessed with having milk and get really upset when I tell you no milk and give you water.
When you give hugs you always say “aw”. It is so funny. You are still a really great kid. You have your moments but overall you are easy going and happy. People describe you as the baby that always smiles or the happiest baby ever! You rarely whine or get upset. If you are crying when you get hurt we know you must really be hurt. You are starting to cry when you can’t have your way or you can’t have something you really want but it never lasts too long so I am hoping you aren’t going to be too dramatic with the temper tantrums.

Brady is still your favorite person and you two make each other laugh all day. I feel so fortunate to get to experience you two together on a daily basis. You do fight over toys here and there but overall you guys are awesome together. You two really compliment each other because you are exact opposites in every way possible.

You have gotten interested in climbing on things and bouncing on the couch, bed or your little chair.
You are in the 85th percentile in height and about the 50th for weight.

New Words: Apple, Thank you, down, all done, Kayden, Chicken, Bubbles, Mommy (said twice today!)
he repeats a lot of things we say now so I can’t remember all of the new words he says but those are the ones he says consistently and more clearly.

New Signs: Book, Baby, Thank you, Please (Signs it like bath but is trying!)

Sat in a booster seat at a restaurant and did well.
Starting to color
Trick or Treating

Shirts: size 18-24 months
Pants: size 12-18 months but 12 fit waist, 18 fit height so we need to get you some belts
Shoe: size 5
Weight: 23.8lbs (15.5 months)
Height: 32 inches (15.5 months)

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