Sunday Confessions Link Up

1. I seriously need more sleep. I stay up and think about my parents every.single.night. It’s slowly getting easier but I am tired!
2. I am conflicted on having another baby. Some days I really want another one and then other days I think how fortunate I am to have such a healthy, happy, easy little guy and don’t want to take any time away from him. I just love our family of three and how easy it is to do things together.
3. I am totally in a blogging slump. Sorry about that!
4. I am totally obsessed with all those monthly surprise boxes like Glossy Box and Citrus Lane (use code TAKEHALF for half off till 1/8/13). I can not wait to get my first Glossy Box

Citrus Lane Box for Ace

Glossy Box for Mommy!
5. I really miss my parents and catch myself wanting to call or text them something and realize I can’t. Losing your parents is the weirdest thing to experience.

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