BabyBjörn Booster Chair!

Side and Front View

As a Mom of a toddler I am realizing more and more that my son is no longer a little baby and at times it makes me a bit sad but overall I love watching him become the amazing little person that he is. With that being said I love products that are functional and made specifically for toddlers. When going from having a baby with a ton of stuff all around the house (i.e. swing, bouncer, play mat, ect.) I was excited to start streamlining Ace’s things that he needed on a daily basis. One of the main items we had to keep around was his Space Saver seat. I love this seat because it attaches to a regular chair and can be used from babyhood to kid hood <–is that even a word? The only “issue” I had with this product was the lack of mobility it had. It was big and clunky as well. Less clunky than a regular high chair but still clunky. I then got this awesome BabyBjörn Booster Chair.
Booster Chair
First of all this seat is the perfect height for sitting at a table so Ace can sit with us at the dinner table and not at his other seat which is a bit too high for the table. With that chair he still has to use his chair. It also is great for when he does arts and crafts. When we would do them in his Space Saver seat it made it difficult because the tray is small and paper would always stick off the edge causing coloring books to fall to the floor easily. At the kitchen table he has a lot more space. He also was so excited to be sitting at the table like a big boy.
Booster Chair
The best feature has got to be how small it is, making it easy to take with us to friend’s houses where we are having dinner or our place in the Keys. It straps to a chair and you are good to go.

Overall this has got to be one of my favorite items for my little toddler.

Pros: Small, Perfect heigh for a kitchen table, Attaches to a chair, Portable. Easy to clean. Neutral color.
Cons: No Safety belt around child’s waist.

The only con I could find is there isn’t a safety belt that goes around the child’s waist but in reality at this age Ace doesn’t need one. I do think some parents might not like this so I listed it.

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