Things to Know About Me if We Are Going to be Besties

Check out the shortness1

I always forget where my phone is.

Because I misplace my phone all.the.time I always miss phone calls and then forget to return them.

I am obviously forgetful.

I am only 5’1 but will tell people I am 5’2.

My sister and I were mistaken for twins almost our entire lives.

I think messy beach waves are the best hairstyle ever.

I ate horribly when I was pregnant and only gained 22lbs and lost it all and some 3 weeks after having my son, I was that Mom. Then I gained it all back after I stopped breastfeeding. You can all stop being jealous now.

I love my besties! 

I like dressing my son like a little metro boy and I love it.

I hate clothes that are super baby-ish or have animals on them unless they don’t look too cartoonish.

We are always a hot mess with pictures

My dream is to open a brick and mortar boutique but not in S. Fl.

My son is my world. He that he is silly, outgoing and friendly. It’s a bonus that he is his Daddy’s clone.

I am obsessed with my husband and son’s joker smiles. It has to be my favorite thing about both of them next to their dimple they each have.

It takes me forever to get a picture with my eyes open when there is a flash, I am a hot mess.

Thanking Little Miss Momma for the idea!

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