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Mad for Plaid

By on April 30, 2013
I am obsessed with dressing Ace cute but now that he is getting older I feel like it is getting a bit more difficult. The options for toddler boys are dwindling. I do love H&M because they have the cutest boy clothes but to get there its a hassle and they don’t deliver, fail!
Plaid has been a staple for us in Ace’s closet. We like to mix it up with different patterns or just add a plaid accessory to make an outfit more fun. Here are some of my favorite plaid items. 
His vest and plaid shorts.

 photo 269365_10200717141432138_1630051478_n-1_zpsb572158c.jpg
Tie & Shirt c/o The Anchor & Bows Boutique Shorts & Vest: Target
A plaid shirt
 photo 482208_10101891362785662_316596671_n-1_zpsa8772ed9.jpg
Shirt: Gift from Grammy
A Plaid hat
 photo 182438_10200717162152656_1220143093_n-1_zps5cf5cd98.jpg
Hat: Target, Shirt: c/o The Anchor & Bows Boutique

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Ace | life


By on April 29, 2013
 photo DSCN0506_zpscd45021f.jpg
My Shirt & Pants: Shy Boutique
Ace’s Shirt & Socks: Target, Shorts: The Anchor & Bows Boutique

Being outside is therapeutic for us. Our new house has the best backyard. It has so many trees and greenery that you can’t help but feel good being out there.

 photo DSCN0508_zps2ffd78c2.jpg
Ace and I usually go out there after his nap and will either draw on the patio with sidewalk chalk or sit by the lake. You may remember this little situation with the lake.
 photo DSCN0515_zpsc457ddfa.jpg
He loves the little path on the side of our house.
 photo DSCN0523_zps87018fae.jpg
He has also discovered coconut collecting.
 photo DSCN0535_zpsd4474d5d.jpg
Do I have a future hoarder on my hands?

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gift ideas | Must Haves

What I’m Loving…

By on April 24, 2013

Hey guys! Here is another addition of What I’m Loving…

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at72217PM_zps733211da.png
1. Recently a bunch of my friends were posting pictures of this adorable little car the Step2 Easy Turn Coupe. It is similar to the traditional Little Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. I loved that you can see your kiddo from the top on this one and it has a handle so if your child gets tired you can push the car for them. They are both comparable in price and I know people love the Little Tikes one but I have to say I am really loving the Step2 Coupe. Either way this is a toddler staple.

2. Ace is obsessed with this Baby Einstein Count and Discover Treasure Chest. It is my favorite toy to use to help him learn colors too. He will take the “coins” out of the chest and put them back in over and over again. I thought  it might be a little young for him but seeing how much he loves putting things into other items I figured it was worth a try and it definitely was a perfect buy.

3. My new camera! Bran got me this ah-mah-zing camera, a Nikon COOLPIX P510. I had been wanting one that was a little better than the one I had before but I didn’t want to buy the super expensive ones where you can change the lens because I just don’t have patience to learn to use those and this was like one step below that. Bran found a great deal on this one on Amazon. It came with the SD card, case, tripod and a cleaning kit. You can get it with all of the fun accessories here or alone here. It is $100 difference which is still less than it was at Target!

4. I am really into this Sterling Silver Wishbone necklace and have yet to get one but I saw this one on sale for Mother’s Day and I think a certain someone may need to get this for me. ::hint hint::

5. Last but not least I am seriously obsessed with these ‘Staches Drink Markers if you love entertaining or have a party coming up I would highly suggest these drink markers. Not only are they totally fun but they are pretty hilarious. A great way to add a little something extra to your party.

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Must Have Gifts

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

By on April 23, 2013

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and now is the time to find that stylish and unique gift that shows how much your mom means to you! This year, Layla Grayce has posted a Mother’s Day blog post suggesting the top ten gift ideas and essentials for mom and is offering 15% off these gifts with code 4URMOM valid through 5/1. Below are a few of my favorite gift ideas.

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at124204PM_zpsc704256d.png

1. The Articulated oval pendant is a personalized charm with a surprising twist. On one side of this inspired sterling silver pendant is a lovely monogram or short message for all to see, but on the other, a secret note to keep close to your heart.
2. Boatman Geller’s cell phone cases in bright and preppy patterns lets you “live your style” anywhere and everywhere. A fresh combination of robin’s egg blue, crimson and white adds pop to the Moroccan-inspired design of the Kate case. Your name, monogram or initial is centered inside a rectangular box against its ogee motif background. Delight your tech savvy mother, sister or best friend with this colorful customized gift.
3. This charming 18K gold and sterling silver necklace includes hand hammered disc(s) that are personalized and accented with crystals or pearls. Each disc is 18k gold on one side and sterling silver on back. Name is engraved on the gold side, date is engraved on silver.

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Ace | life


By on April 22, 2013
Saturday was such an awesome day.

 photo DSCN0378_zps91758e22.jpg
My dress: The Anchor & Bows Boutique, Cardigan: Old Navy

I got to spend the early afternoon with my cousins. It was my cousin Trina’s baby shower for her baby girl Mckenna. Trina and I are only about 7 months apart and our boys are about the same age difference so it is really cool that she is having a little girl. Maybe this means we will be expecting another one soon to continue the trend? Ha, wishful thinking?

I must say, it was one of the most relaxing baby showers I have ever been too. It was more like a sprinkle, small, sweet and easy going. We all just basically hung out and talked, ate lunch and then she opened presents. She didn’t want any games for this shower since it is her second baby and just wanted to relax. I had a really nice time. I can’t wait to meet Miss Mckenna!
When I got home I was greeted by a super excited 21 month old screaming Mommy! Mommy! So cute. I rarely get that because I am usually the one home with Ace and so Daddy always gets the super excited greetings.
 photo DSCN0382_zps3d676630.jpg photo DSCN0385_zps618db578.jpg 
Bran and I took Ace to an early-ish dinner. It was perfect. We went to Chili’s and since it was fairly early everything was quick and easy going. No waiting for our little guy. That makes such a huge difference when eating out with a toddler. Ace was excellent. We brought some major reinforcements with us but only needed to pull out our crayons and coloring book because Ace was so excited about his chips and dip.
 photo DSCN0395_zpsa6869cf3.jpg
Always going down the slide backwards
He also was talking to everyone and flirting a lot! We had sad right next to where the employees were dating breaks to eat so everyone kept coming over and complimenting his eyes and how funny he was. He is seriously the biggest flirt.
 photo DSCN0399_zpsd7bf1eba.jpg photo DSCN0400_zps500233e7.jpg photo DSCN0406_zps56cafd86.jpg
After dinner we walked to the park. Ace is obsessed with ducks so it was cool to see one under the playground when we got there. I think it may have been a mama duck sitting on her eggs because it looked like she was guarding that spot hardcore. I am trying to teach Ace that we don’t chase or bother ducks, just look at them. He did pretty well, only once he tried to get closer but he was really good about listening.
 photo DSCN0414_zpsa8fb37f2.jpg 
When we were walking home Ace wanted to push his car. How big does he look?
 photo DSCN0415_zps96965d8e.jpg 
Something super cute Ace has been doing that I do not want to forget to post about is he sings the “Bad Boys” song. When our family friends watched Ace last week they were like we taught him to sing bad boys and now he goes “Bad, Bad Boys. Bad, Bad Boys!” I need to record it because it is so cute! He also sings Disney Junior! Ha!
That was our Saturday. I will write about Sunday later.

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Ace | Monthly Updates

21 Months

By on April 17, 2013

 photo DSCN0200_zps8fc34a81.jpg
You are now 21 months old. You are becoming such a big boy, its unreal. You are still quite the talker and repeat everything.

This past month been such a crazy handful but we are trying to embrace your rambunctious personality. because it definitely is awesome seeing you be so outgoing.

 photo DSC_0195_zps4075aa56.jpg
Cardigan: The Anchor & Bows Boutique

You love coloring and painting. You love jumping and bikes.

We are trying to teach you to stop throwing since this has been a big thing you have done the past month. You also began hitting again, which we are not a fan of.

You love helping bring groceries in, feeding and walking the dogs. You are such a big helper.

We bought you a baby doll and you just love it. You are super loving and sweet. This month you have gotten really into cuddling too which is awesome.

Says “want it” when he sees something he wants.

Has used “I” which I thought was really cool.

You love going up and down our new stairs.

You just started telling us when you have a pee pee or poopy diaper but not all the time.

As far as size goes you are in 2T tops and still in 18 month pants, you have such a skinny little waist and broad shoulders, our little linebacker.

We love you little guy! You are so awesome, happy, sweet and funny. Everyone seems to just love your personality and smile. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see all the new things you do next month!

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Ace | life | Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind!

By on April 15, 2013

This past weekend was super busy but so much fun. Since I haven’t posted much since last week I am starting on Thursday since I have some cute pictures from that day.

Thursday we went to our first Story Time at the Library near our new house. It wasn’t too bad but the best part was seeing our friends Lindsay and Payton. Payton is just about the cutest thing ever. She also made me slightly jealous that Ace isn’t a little more contained when we go out, ha!

 photo DSCN0159_zps8e1d86e7.jpg photo DSCN0160_zpse5ec2d58.jpg

How cute are these two together? First Payton gave Ace a huge and he was like what is going on here? Then he gave her one and she was way too into her stickers to care.

Friday my friend Anna came down to visit. She is ah-mah-zing! Probably one of my most favorite people ever. She moved to NYC when I moved to Tampa and so whenever we can get together is always a fun time. We went to surprise my sister since she didn’t know Anna was coming down and just had a great day.

 photo DSCN0216_zpsef299c64.jpg photo DSCN0215_zpsc20ad71b.jpg

The dogs and Ace were obsessed with her!
Later on that night my sister took Ace so Bran and I could have a date night.

 photo 14072_10101148918140855_89105482_n-1_zpsb9c002af.jpg 
Bran gave me a kiss and Ace came over and grabbed onto me. He is so sweet.
Saturday wasn’t too exciting because Bran worked but later that night we had to put up a gate on the stairs and Ace got his tools and helped Bran put it up. Talk about cute, right? BTW don’t mind our stairs, they are bare right now since we have to get flooring on them.
 photo DSCN0229_zps3bb1485c.jpg photo DSCN0227_zps8a2a1323.jpg photo DSCN0228_zpsbed22d37.jpg
Sunday we went to a Bar-B-Q at my sister’s house and Ace loved the pool with all the kids and my brother and his family came and Ace and his cousin Gavin are just under 3 months apart so it was super cute seeing them together. 
 photo DSCN0276_zps858290cf.jpg photo DSCN0267_zps56103cc8.jpg photo DSCN0262_zps29470be9.jpg photo DSCN0250_zps58033af0.jpg photo DSCN0240_zpsd016106a.jpg
And how cute is this picture? He only has eyes for his cousin Brianna, every time he sees her he runs straight for her.
 photo DSCN0254_zps504f3161.jpg
That was our weekend in a nutshell. How was everyone else’s? Do anything exciting?
Also don’t forget to enter the two giveaways going on right now by The Anchor & Bows Boutique.
You can win a Baby Shower Gift Package which ends today and a $25 Gift Card!

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