What I’m Loving…

It’s that time again! What I am loving this week.

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1. Crayola No Drip Paint Brush Pens. Ok let me just say these are the best invention for toddlers. I just tried these out with Ace last week because he loves to paint but I don’t love how disasterous it always is so I bought these paint brush pens and he loved them. They can still paint but there is no dipping in paint and the tip keeps the paint from going all over the place. The paper also dries super fast this way. It doesn’t give the same affect as finger paint of course but it is a good alternative to painting with paint brushes. They come in a 5 pack and a 40 pack, we have the 5 pack for Ace which works out really well for one child but if you have more than one I would highly suggest a larger pack or buying 2 of the smaller ones since they are easy to switch from one color to the next and kids can get really creative.

2. This Rose Gold Bow Tie Bracelet. All over Pinterest people are pinning the Michael Kors Watches with bracelets of the same rose gold tone and this is one of my favorites to pair with it. I think it is just so girly and cute. Oh and the best part? It is only $1.95!

3. B+B Pillow. I found this pillow on Etsy at the shop Polka Dot Pears and love it in our new house! I am slightly obsessed. It has the year we were married on it and it just has a really classic look. When I contacted the owner of the shop to tell her how much I loved the pillow and I would be featuring it on my blog she offered a coupon code for my readers! Use code LOVEIT and get 14% off your order. She also has some nautical theme pillows which would be perfect for Ace’s big boy room. Yay!

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