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Toddlers Bowling?

By on June 28, 2013
Yesterday my friend Erin and I decided to take our boys bowling.

printed palette shirt photo DSCN1659_zpsbddabc36.jpgprinted palette shirt photo DSCN1660_zps0a58ca92.jpg 
I was really curious how this would turn out but Erin told me the boys would love it. And who knew, they were obsessed! Ace had so much fun pushing the ball and trying to pick it up, giving Erin and me near heart attacks.
printed palette shirt photo DSCN1655_zps617dea85.jpg
Shirt from Printed Palette use code: PIM10 to get a discount!
Necklace c/o The Anchor & Bows Boutique
Ace would just stare which made it very hard to get a good picture of him smiling, stinker!

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Home Decor

My Dream Dining Room Comes to Life!

By on June 26, 2013
dining room photo 922767_204605882996866_843149947_n_zpsa5dd11dc.jpg

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably have been getting a sneak peak at how our house is coming along.

I am so obsessed with our dining room. It came out better than I imagined! The picture is on the blurry side since this was from my Instagram so I will get better pictures once we are done with it.

We still need to get curtains and some wall decor for the opposite wall. No clue what I am putting there.
Our table also needs a bench for the side closest to the sideboard table.

Anyone else have any new home updates?

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Ace | life | Linking up | style | trendy tot

Trendy Tot Tuesday

By on June 25, 2013

Linking up here!
When we were in Michigan it was cold for us Floridians so we got to get some good wear out of a lot of Ace’s long sleeved t’s and fun skinny jeans. I seriously love dressing this boy.

Trendy Tot photo DSCN1255_zps83234d85.jpg
Hat:Similar, Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Similar, Shoes: WalMart

Trendy Tot photo DSCN1113_zps858bd10d.jpg
Pants: H&M 
Trendy Tot photo DSCN1531_zps8ca80887.jpg
Sweater, Pants: Gap, Similar
Trendy Tot photo DSCN1457_zpsae93f0fa.jpg
Skinnies: H&M, Sweater
Trendy Tot photo DSCN1463_zps1426001f.jpg
Sweater: The Anchor & Bows Boutique

Trendy Tot photo DSCN1128_zps789fcea4.jpg
Jacket: Target

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Ace | life | Travel

Michigan Trip Day 2

By on June 24, 2013

After our long travel day we had to get up the next morning and get ready for Herman’s Memorial Service.

 photo DSCN1057_zps4a10de5b.jpg
Lunch after Herman’s Service

It was nice to see everyone but hate that it had to be under those circumstances. It was a nice service and afterwards we had lunch where my child decided to be the messiest eater ever! I swear if you put a white shirt on him, he will destroy it in 2 seconds flat.

 photo DSCN1071_zpsee29f4a8.jpg
Feeding the bunnies

After Ace’s nap Branden’s Mom and the rest of his siblings and baby nephew Elliot all came over to his brother Rodney’s house where we had a bar-b-q and hung out.

 photo DSCN1136_zpsb91bbef1.jpg
Salsa face! He looked like the Joker
 photo DSCN1100_zpsa44dfa94.jpg
Those eyes! 
 photo DSCN1094_zpsbbe31a93.jpg
Aunt Angie is so sweet with Ace
While we were waiting for dinner to be done Ace played outside and got to help Aunt Rochelle feed the bunnies. It is so beautiful there and the weather, though cold, was so nice. I was so over the Florida heat and humidity that I was really loving it there.

 photo DSCN1137_zpsfc2b12cd.jpg
Trying to pick up Elliot
 photo DSCN1155_zps93f5f5ed.jpg
Baby Elliot wasn’t a fan

Ace was obsessed with his little cousin. Elliot is only 3 months old so he wasn’t as big of a fan of Ace as Ace was of him.

Next up: Ace’s Michigan Birthday Picnic!

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life | Travel

Michigan Trip Day 1: Traveling up North

By on June 21, 2013

As most of you know Branden’s Step Dad passed away in early June and we bumped up our Michigan trip so we could make it to his Memorial Service last Friday.

 photo DSCN1053_zps18dd7cbf.jpg 

The first day of our trip was a travel day. We woke up at 5am and headed to the airport for our flight, got right through security and boarded our plane within 10 minutes. The plane wasn’t completely full so we got to sit in the back so Ace didn’t bother anyone with his lovely seat kicking skills, the stewards were amazing and the flight went great.

 photo DSCN1045_zps2a46a7d8.jpg 
We land and get word that Branden’s step sister, who had a layover in Baltimore with us had a her connection canceled and we were slightly worried that ours would also be canceled.

 photo DSCN1047_zpscca2f6f3.jpg
Someone was nervous when we took off

Thankfully we got her and her daughter on our flight and after a 3 hour delay headed to Detroit. Ace passed out on the flight and we made it to Detroit around 6. We then had a 5 hour drive ahead of us.

 photo DSCN1050_zpsea20d2ce.jpg
Hanging with cousin Hailey in the Airport

Ace did really well considering the long day. Bran’s step sister Rita seriously made our drive so much easier. She is hilarious and super funny and we were all just cracking jokes the entire time.

We finally got to Rogers City around midnight and were ready for bed. I thought this was going to be the worst of our traveling, boy was I wrong! Our way home was insane!

I promise the rest of our trip was much more interesting and will have better pictures, ha!

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Hello Flo Giveaway!

By on June 20, 2013
 photo logoBig_zpsd2823594.png 
I am sure I am like most women in the fact that I hate having to go to the store just to buy tampons! I usually forget to get them and when Aunt Flo comes I am screwed.

 photo 67301_158514957640065_622826640_n_zps29231dc7.jpg
How cute is the packaging?

I recently had the opportunity to check out Hello Flo‘s awesome monthly subscription for that time of the month.

Hello Flo Review photo IMAG0306_zps6470f38f.jpg

First of all how cute is the aqua polka dot fabric box that comes with your first box? I am loving this.
Hello Flo Review photo IMAG0307_zps8610acda.jpgSince each subscription is geared towards your type of flow and length of cycle it feels like it was made for you. They only use the best products for that time of the month. Tampax pearl tampons? yes, please!
You can also expect a little treat each month! This month I got 2 lip balms and chocolate hard candies.
Want to sign up for your Hello Flo box? Go here!
You can also win your own Hello Flo box in the mean time!

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Deals | Glossy Box | What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I’m Loving…

By on June 19, 2013

First off I want to let you all know I have another giveaway that starts tomorrow! Make sure to check it out. Now onto my post…

I am loving my latest Glossy Box. Seriously this thing is awesome. I am dying over the blush. I never would have bought this myself so I was really excited when I put it on and it was the perfect color for summer. I have been wearing it non-stop. The body wash is freaking amazing as well. I am seriously obsessed with that too. This box was probably my second favorite next to my first one. Everything in it has already been used, ha!

Right now you can get a free Cheek & Lip Tint with any Glossy Box order! Use code: GIFT
Expires June 30th

Glossy Box photo IMAG0287_zps6a5403dc.jpg

I think I have an Etsy addiction. Tell me I am not alone! I have been just dying over some of these shops lately.

First of all who could say no to this adorable Live Life Anchored Baseball tee by The Printed Palette? I got one of these for Ace (pictures coming very soon) and I just love it. I am always a fan of really cute and stylish shirts for him.  They also have shirts for men and women so I may have to get some more for Bran and me.

 photo il_570xN448970758_5ldx_zps0f86ff37.jpg

The Printed Palette is offering my readers a discount code PIM10 so go check them out. They are ah-mah-zing!

Another shop I have found that is perfect for some Mommy jewelry is Bip & Bop. They have the best jewelry for Moms who want to have their child’s initial or birth stone around their neck or wrist but don’t want that super cheesy Mom charm. My favorite is the infinity bracelet with the initial and birth stone.

 photo il_570xN463116644_hl0s_zps5514b55c.jpg

They are also offering my awesome readers a coupon code BIPANDBOP and it expires in 2 weeks so hurry over and order! 

*This is not a sponsored post. These are shops I genuinely like.

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Ace | life | photos

Photo Dump

By on June 17, 2013

I am in Michigan so I am doing a photo dump post. Enjoy!

 photo IMAG0406_zps3f2e5cbb.jpg
Bran and I at the Rascal Flatts concert
Celebration, FL photo DSCN1010_zpsc227dfea.jpg
My Dream Home in Celebration, FL
Celebration, FL photo DSCN1002_zpsb4f858a7.jpg
Me in Celebration, FL My sister said I look like a 12 year old lol
 photo DSCN0976_zpse38838f6.jpg
Conference time in Orlando, FL
 photo IMAG0368_zps48f31535.jpg
Listening to his gymnastics teacher
Toddlers sharing cheerios photo 576624_10101846197567121_2136258999_n_zps1bb3af68.jpg
Stealing Cheerios from his best girl! 

Glossy Box photo IMAG0287_zps6a5403dc.jpg
My most recent Glossy Box, LOVE it! 
 photo IMAG0346_zpsd95a7c85.jpg
Finally finished Ace’s walls
 photo IMAG0310_zps1ae9050b.jpg
My finally organized closet but still need to deal with my dresses grrrr

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Ace | life | Monthly Updates | Pictures

23 Months Old!

By on June 16, 2013


 photo 984049_10101216206818805_226172059_n_zps7fd8a49b.jpg

You are 23 months old and I am in complete shock you will be 2 in a month.

I love you so much and I can not even imagine having a more incredible child.

 photo 983963_10101869588671161_1647769241_n_zps6f0315f4.jpg 

Your Daddy and I sometimes just look at each other and say “Can you believe how lucky we got?” and it is so true. You are overall a very happy child, love to meet new people and are always making people laugh. You love to talk and explore.

I love that you pick up on things so easily too. I think you get that from your Daddy.

You love to “help” Daddy with house projects like hanging curtains or anything that involves tools.

 photo DSCN1040_zps6fc8f561.jpg

You are obsessed with cars, trucks, buses, boats, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Cubby (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates) your water table, going outside, sitting on the dogs and throwing balls.

 photo IMAG0407_zpsb3568774.jpg 

You have been obsessed with shoes. You will put on anyone’s shoes you can find.

You are so polite, you will tell us excuse me, thank you, bless you and you have even said good morning to people.

You started swim lessons and gymnastics class which you love and are awesome at.

We had an early birthday party for you yesterday with our Michigan family and friends.

 photo IMAG0403_zpsc39a1990.jpg

You lost another grandparent this past month as well. Grandpa Herman was such a sweet man and loved you very much. My heart aches that you will never truly know 3 of your grandparents.

It has been a great month with you as usual and we can’t wait to see what next month brings because you will be turning 2!

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